Sabara Sammelana at Sabarapalli Gajapati, Odisha

Staunch agitation against conversion 

From 1,050 village 1,15,000 people  represent Sabara Sammilani at Gajapti district to develop their self commitment . It is n’t only a socio- religious Programme it is indication  of  Sbara agitation against illegal christian activity in Odisha.  Dharama Jagarana Bibhaga and Vanavasi Klyana Ashram help them to make this nice occasion fruitful.Image 

Divots of Lord Jagannath Sabara people Make clear decision against conversion . Sabra Sammilani has been concluded by Pujya Jagad Guru Sankaracharya at Sabarapalli, Gajapti district for three day. It is the biggest convention of Sabara Samaja by their own interest. 60,000 women participation is the real indication of their devotion towards religion.  10,000 christian people participation proves unity of Sabara Samaja after all the social disturbance. According to  Culture Sabara Samaja  is one. They all are Hindu. They have no difference . ImageImageImage

Saririk Prtiyogita among sangha swayamsevak at sambalpur on the eve of Surendra sain Jayanyti

Physical examination held at sambalpur to develop physical fitness of swayamsevak.Health is wealth. self protection with good health is the aim of shakha. Sanskar comes by good practice and exame helps us to practice. So this competition is more fruitful for nest generation of Karyakarta.  Image