New twist to killing of sisters

Sopore girls part of Christian group, says Kerala evangelist

Thiruvananthapuram: The case of the murder of two teenaged sisters by suspected militants in Sopore has a new twist. Paul Ciniraj Mohammad, a Christian evangelist based in Kerala’s Kottayam district, has claimed that “the girls were active participants of an underground Christian group.”

J&K Police, however, termed the evangelist’s claim as “false”. They said their investigation found the claim to be factually incorrect” and that “there are no missionaries active in Sopore.”

“I had seen the girls during my visit to Sopore a few years ago, ” Paul Ciniraj Mohammad told The Indian Express . “The girls were not converts. They had started reading the New Testament of the Bible. I suspect that the militants might have come to know about the group and the girls’ involvement in its activities,” he said.

Ciniraj, who runs an evangelical group, Salem Voice Ministries, said the Christian group was working among Muslims in a secret manner. “Only three or four members of the group are converts, whereas others are dedicated believers in Christianity. An evangelist from Kerala had been operating in Sopore,” he said.

“The girls were illiterate. But the Christian group had given them basic education to enable them to read the Bible. The Sopore group is an independent Pentecost one, not affiliated to any church,” he said.

Above news taken from Click below link to read original story.


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