–          In 4 day long held World Samskrit Book Fair, around 2.5lakh people visited the event, which also had book sale of 4crores.

–          In 154 bookstalls which were set up, the demand for Bhagavadgita was high; even there was a heavy  rush to buy VCD, DVD of the same.

–          According to the publishers who have experience of several book fairs since decades, in this World Samskrit Book Fair visitors were much specific about their choice and interest.

–          Education ministers ofNew Delhi, Uttharakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh expressed their wish to host next World Samskrit Book Fair in their respective state headquarters.

–          People from all social spectrums, from religious leaders to Ministers, corporate employers to farmers, students-teachers, and people from all caste, language, religion participated with much Samskrit enthusiasm.

–          The exhibition which reflects and explains the knowledge heritage ofIndia, was one of the key attraction, was well appreciated by the public. National Manuscript Mission is also showcased ancient literary texts and languages. Organizations like ISRO, CDAC and others reputed institutes also joined their hands in this mega event to presentIndia’s strides in the areas of mathematics, astronomy, metallurgy, avionics and others. Several ancient implements were displayed. Information cascade on ancient languages, scripts etc via journals, books, charts, presentations, etc were being organized.

–          Each day thousands of School students visited the exhibition and were curious about the concepts explained in Astronomy. Astrology.  Vedic mathematics, botany, zoology, agricultural science, planetarium, formation of soldiers in different patterns as explained in epics like padmavyooha etc.

–          Vice- Chancellors from 14 Samskrit Universities were participating in the Fair. In Samskrita Kavi Goshti, Poets from parts of the world presented their own work through recitals.

–          Cultural programs will be presented every evening at 6.00 PM.

–          The cultural programmes in Samskrit held at Conference Hall and Kuvempu Kalakshethra was witnessed by thousands Samskrit well wishers.

–          It was observed that visitors were more interested in understanding concepts in Science tradition ofIndiaand pride ofIndiabook series.

–          ThesamskritVillageshow, which symbolizes a livelihood at village based on Samskrit major lifestyle, influenced the Urban Population of Bangalore. From vegetables to eatables Hats to STD booth, all aspects of social life were communicated and explained in Samskrit.

–          Demonstration of A traditional village judiciary system in Samskrit was new to many, attracted many.

–          Central minister Dr Purandareshwari visited this Samskrit village, sat in a demo Samskrit school, and said “mama naama Purandareshwari”in Samskrit,meaning my name is Purandareshwari.

–          The controversial novel ‘Lajja’ in Bengali that led to the exile of Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen will be translated into Sanskrit, too. Samskruta Bharati has taken the onus of translating the book under Saraswati Seva project, which has reproduced many books from regional languages in Sanskrit. The organisation, dedicated to promote Sanskrit, has decided to translate at least 1000 books in the next five years.

–          More than 8000 delegates from 24 states ofIndiawere participated during the national conference held as a part of World Samskrit Book Fair.

–          Non-Samskrit litterateurs, Scientists, advocates students, Software professionals, Sports personalities were also participated in the conference.

–          In  Yuva Sammelan, Kavi Sammelam, Vijnan Sammelan,  Shiksha Sammelan, Mahila Sammelan organized during the conference, emphasized the relevance of Samskrit in the present day life.

–          In a rare of its kind, More than 300 new books were released in Samskrit during World Samskrit Book Fair.

–          The cultural programmes in Samskrit held at Conference Hall and Kuvempu Kalakshethra was witnessed by thousands Samskrit well wishers.

–          A foreign guest at the venue, Michael Williams, was from Manchester of UK, was a student atOxfordUniversity, Sanskrit is like his native language, words roll off his tongue effortlessly. He speaks fluent Sanskrit. Michael prefers to email in Sanskrit, whenever he wants to communicate with his teachers and friends. “I use the Devanagari script. But we do not have a system yet, where email IDs can be written in Sanskrit,” he says.




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