Pathaka sammelani (Readers conference) of the monthly news letter SANSKRUTIKA JAGARANA of Kandhamala district was held on 15.01.12.More than three hundred readers attended the conference, who came from far flung areas like Phulbani, Khajuripara, Daringbari, Gochhapara, Raikia, Udayagiri, Brahmanigan etc. Bibhaga Baudhika Pramukha Shri Ramesh ch Sahoo presided over the Kandhamala Town conference and highlighted the aim and objectives of Jagarana Ptrika. About 45 senior intelligentsia attended the conference. They have suggested their opinions for further development of Jagarana Patrika. Shri Sahoo assured to take care of it. As planned earlier, annual subscriptions were also collected. Presence of 50 readers at Gochhapara has become an exemplary to attract readers. At Khajuripara 32 readers has attend the conference and opined with suggestions for improvement of readers conference in presence of shri Laxmana Dehuri Zilla Pracharak .
About 800 villages in Kndhamala district were developed with readers by the efforts and endeavourence of 96 Kryakrtas. All out efforts are in full swing to convert all the villagers of the Kandhamala district with the SANSKRUTIKA JAGARANA very soon.


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