37 days since students of college of forestry declared indefinite strike

The Dharana place in front of Odisha Legislative Assembly stretching over 300mts. along the lower P.M.G road looks deserted to the city commuter of BBSR. The eerie silence of the scorching afternoon disturbed occasionally by the noise of motor vehicles. A week ago the site resounded with slogans of a dozen rally and demonstrations over time, tents and crowds disappeared, giving the dharana place a graveyard like appearance. A single tent remains sheltering a flock of sweaty and sullen faced brandishing the barrier which says “College Of  Forestry, OUAT, BBSR.” The sight is invisible to Politicians and secretaries to Govt, locked up in comfortable, air conditioned rooms.
It has been Imagedemanding B.Sc.Forestry degree be made the minimum qualification for Range Officer direct recruitment in the State Forest department. They have swept the road Legislative Assembly wearing sarees, polished shoes, wrote their demand in blood in front to highlight their genuine cause. The Hon’ble Forest Minister gave written assurance on 19th Dec, 2011 to take a decision in favour of Forestry students by 15th Jan, 2012. Students resorted to strike after two month passed without event. They plan to wear black cloth bands as a democratic resentment and dissatisfaction with the lethargy of the State Govt.

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