10 Crore workers participated in All India General Strike-2012

10 Crore workers participated in All India General Strike-2012

Industrial general strike observed successfully throughout the country
10 crore workers in total have joined the strike

Press Statement issued by
Shri Baij Nath Rai, General Secretary, BMS
New Delhi: February 28: The General Strike call on Feb. 28 given by all Central Trade Union Organisations has been responded enthusiastically by the workers in almost all major industries including Govt. departments throughout the country. The strike thus has been peaceful and successful in public sector, banks, LIC, Defence Production, Transport, Port & Dock, Coal, Steel, Electricity and private sector. The agriculture and unorganised sector workers including Beedi, Construction and Aganwadi also participated in the strike in large numbers. Going by state wise and industry wise data’s and informations received so far at BMS H.Q. it is estimated that more than 10 crore workers in total have joined the strike.
In this context this has been unprecedented and historic strike ever held past independence. Congratulating the toiling masses for their over whelming response Mr. Baij Nath Rai , General Secretary, BMS said that this as per information 70 to 90 % workers in almost all industries have participated in the strike. Our future action to hammer on the pressing and burning demands related to unprecedented price rise, unemployment, violation of labour laws, social security, disinvestment and outsourcing etc will be chalked out jointly in mutual consultation with all Central Trade Unions and will be announced shortly pressing the Central Govt. to amend its economic policies which are anti-people, anti workers. If Govt. fails to negotiate and settle all the above issues honorably then workers have no other alternative but to intensify their agitation and for which Govt. will be fully responsible.
Mr. Rai thanked all those who participated and supported the strike.

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