Compulsory reading of Karl Marx books removed in Paschim Bangla. Dr. Swamy welcomes Ms. Mamata’s decision.

April 7, 2012.

Statement of Dr. Subramanian Swamy,Image
President of the Janata Party and member
of the National Democratic Alliance.

I welcome the decision of the Bengal Chief Minister Ms Mamata Banerji to remove the books authored by Karl Marx which had been made a compulsory requirement for school children. Marxism has failed the world over. A comparison of East and West Germany and North and South Korea should convince anyone of this fact. It is against the interest of the people therefore to learn compulsorily the theory of Karl Marx.

Marxism is based on the concept of a single dimensional class struggle between economic haves and havenots, whereas an evolved societies such as India, multi dimensional conflicts arise out of language, religion, caste etc. Therefore Marxism is a wholly simplistic unpractical theory. Hence there is no need to burden school children with such non sensical writing of Karl Marx. What Ms Mamata Banerji has done should be replicated in other States also.



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