THIRD-RATE PRESIDENT we were thrust upon 5 years ago. *Do fwd to everyone*.*
*Dear Respected Her Excellency,*****
*First and foremost, this letter is not addressed to the President of this
great country but to a certain Pratibha Devising Patil on individual level,
who unfortunately is the president herself.***
** **
*Please be noted, when I say ‘Her Excellency’ I strictly mean the
honorable chair which you unfortunately are occupying for last five years. *
*Else on personal and individual ground, you absolutely are worth of
nothing, let alone the president ship.** If you want the reason, you can
safely term it as our luck which doesn’t seem anything brighter than that
of N.D. Tiwari that **we are not only have to tolerate someone as useless
as you as our president but also have to weather, way too many tantrums of
yours’ which are highly uncalled for.Or plain-and-simple, we as a nation
full with morons perhaps deserves nothing better than someone like you as
our state head.***
** **
*Do you realize how it feels for us Indians to tell the rest of the world,
who the president of our republic is? I am sure even the Pakistanis would
also be rolling on the floor laughing, seeing what we have for a president,
even though they have someone called Zardari for their credit. The
installation of such people like you becomes more painful than an average
Ramgopal Varma movie when we know whom you replaced as the first citizen of
this nation. When we were feeling proud to let know the world about a
certain A.P.J Abdul Kalam as being our president back then, now we are
running away hiding our faces, much like the way guys do in front of the
camera when apprehended by police from a rave party. This is the kind of
paradigm shift that you have brought in to our national psyche and national
** **
*Not sure about others but you know what pisses me off most when I think
about you as our president? The manner in which you were shoved down our
throat by a con party for their personal gain. It annoys more to see the
chair which you are unfortunately soiling for last five years was once
occupied by great thinkers, visionaries, scientists and educationists like
Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, V.V.Giri, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Zakir Hussain to
name few. And what are your credentials to share the same platform with the
greats I mentioned above? Cooking? Really? **A certified good cook that you
are, I am told you were a regular feature inside Indira Gandhi’s kitchen,
preparing her favorite Maharashtrian delicacies. Puran Poli or
something?**You took utmost care always to satisfy the taste buds of
Mrs. Gandhi, so
much so that she was head-over-heels with praise for your cooking skills
and end up giving you license **to open cheat funds across Amravati. **Rest
as they say is history when you and your family members went on rampage
with your loot mission of opening fraudulent savings institutions across
Amravati and Akola and syphoned out a lot of hard earned money from poor
farmers in the name of brighter and secure future. *****
*I am told there is not a single family in that region which is not
looted by you or your family. Brilliant credentials for someone to become
the president of the nation I must say. **For this brilliant cooking and
looting skill of yours’ Congress duly appraised you with your second
installment of non-deserving prize when they shamelessly installed you as
the president of this great country and you were also shameless enough to
gleefully accept the post knowing very well, you are not even worth being
the sweeper of the Rastratpati Bhawan if credentials are taken into
consideration. Disgusting, if I may say so or is it still an understatement?
*Now let’s look at what you have done since you become the president. To
begin with, did by any chance the office of the president has been shifted
from Delhi to Pune? If not, then it is about time you must explain your
once in every month visit to Pune for no reason whatsoever. As if you being
in that post is not good enough of an irritation, you conveniently decided
to irate the Pune people with your rampant visits which invariably means
half of Pune’s roads are out of bounds for the citizens. The daily slogging
crowd, who contributes to nation building unlike you, had to suffer in
regular interval just because our worthless and workless president decides
to visit her brother and daughter yet again. This is so nonsensical when
half of the city had to reel under irritation, traffic jam and what not
just to felicitate your inner desire to showcase that Bhanja-Bua and
Pota-Nani affection with your brother’s and daughter’s kids. While mercy
petitions and other official documents of high priority that need some
serious attention of the president lie abandoned and biting dust, you
conveniently fly around the globe to embarrass the citizens further or
worst engaged in a game of Table Tennis in Jalgaon. ***
** **
*Let’s talk a little about your lifestyle since you become the first
citizen (a reason good enough for many nation loving individuals to hang
themselves). Do you madam realize how big a hole you have punctured into
the exchequer just by your irritable flying habits? Ever? Once in last five
years? While you are not even worthy enough to fly with one support staff,
you regularly holiday around the globe with at least 90 of them, which
includes 6 chefs, 2 bottlers, 4 housekeeping staffs and I don’t want to
believe this one, one masseuse. Heavens? These Libyan rebels are definitely
duffers and liars since I am sure they haven’t killed him but instead
Muammar Gaddafi must have committed suicide after hearing about your
lifestyle. Hence it would be mighty nice of you if you can right away let
us know what made you to engage in so many foreign trips for no reason and
what are your precise contributions to the nation that we should pay for
your non-deserving luxury from our pockets. To make your life easy, even a
single instance of you contributing to the society would suffice. No,
opening fraudulent chit fund banks to loot poor farmers is no way a
contribution to the society. ***
** **
*Your holidaying were so magnanimous that you broke all records of
previous presidents when you forced us common tax payers to pay a whopping
106 crores through our noses for your foreign trips alone. Honestly I am
paranoid to even calculate the total amount that we might have coughed up
in last five years to ornament the President’s house with the pet cook of
Congress party. ***
** **
*For me, in last five years if one asks to furnish the two burning
instances of huge amount of public money getting wasted on official
purpose, I perhaps won’t go much beyond YOU and the foster son of Congress,
Kasav. As a matter fact, in terms of usefulness for the nation I don’t see
much difference between you and Kasav, though you were holidaying (read
wasting public money) in Bali when the later was creating mayhem on Mumbai
streets. That was another funny incidence we are ashamed to tell the rest
of the world. When the nation was burning, how appropriate was it for the
state head to holiday in a foreign location on Tax payer’s money is there
for anybody to judge.***
** **
*And what about that land grabbing that you are indulged in Pune of
late?**I am told as a customary retirement home for the President you
hell-bent on having a Mansion kind of stuff sprawling across three football
stadiums? Really? Why for? And yet again, what things substantial you have
done that you should be privy to such luxury in expense of public money and
Army land? **When hundreds of Jawans can’t bring their family along just
because there is an acute shortage of accommodation, why on earth we should
build a Bungalow for you costing us a good 100 crore?** Why instead we
shouldn’t build homes for destitute and street children with that money
than spending on someone like you who at best was a good cook to impress a
woman in power and hoodwinked a lot of poor farmers in the process before
becoming the president and kept on looting officially? Why can’t you be
satisfied with the standard retirement homes that every predecessor
president availed? Why does it have to be on a five acre land which belongs
to the Army? **Wasn’t it enough that we as a nation tolerated a nonsense
like you far too long a period of 5 years that we have to make way for a 5
star retirement Mansion for you?**Honestly, another cook of some repute who
must be overtly jealous of your luck must be Sanjeev Kapoor. The poor chap
who is cooking for last three decades on various TV shows and yet none has
offered him a Panchayat ticket. Justice is so farfetched in India. No?***
** **
*And by the way madam President. You just recently signed an enquiry
privilege letter to ask our Apex court to come transparent on their 2G
ruling so that people whom you cooked for four decades can have their
priorities safeguarded. As a piece of questionnaire – **Do you really
understand what a privilege letter is all about or you just sign on
anything that your masters order you to?*****
*Regards *****
*Dr. (Mrs) Hilda Raja*****
*P.S.: Someone who loves Puran Poli very much!! *****

*Dr. (Mrs) Hilda Raja [ an Octogenarian ] was a Professor of Social
Sciences at the prestigious Stella Maris College, Chennai. She is now
settled in Vadodra with her ‘near-dears’.****


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