Tension increased in CESC Project Hit Villages over meeting of the top company & administrative officials with members of a single K-Form Holder family.

Dhenkanal (10/6)- The 7th June meeting at Dhenkanal Collectorate  between the Executive Officer of CESC Proposed Power Plant at Chhatia Mr. Goutam Chatarjee, top official Mr. Chandan Sanyal, ADM Mr. Babaji Charan Das, the Sub-Collector Mr. Pradipta Kumar Sahany & the Gondia Tahasildar Mr. Arun Kumar Behera with the K-Form Patta Holders of Chhatia was a farce. When the affected villagers are came to know that all the 6 persons are from a single K-Form Patta Holder Family, tension increased in many folds in that area.

Here noteworthy that, in this meeting the representatives for the K-Form Patta Holders are Mr. Dambaru Naik, his 2 sons Abhay & Anant, his 2 nephews Niranjan & Bagala and his brother Govind.

In 1971, K-Form Pattas are given to 56 Tribal & SC families like the family of Mr. Dambaru. Then why the administration chooses representatives from only 1 out of 56 families. This clearly proves high level corruption which may extend up to crores of  rupees.

The K-Form Patta Holders of Chhatia requested the then collector to issue them permanent Pattas 6 long years back on 7th October 2006 by diary no. 78. They ran number of times from Chhatia village Committee to all related departments for the above matter. But nothing happened. At last they approached Convener & great farmer leader Er. Debashisha Hota on 23rd January 2012.

Mr. Hota from RTI letter no.111 dated 17th February 2012, came to know that the above mentioned application wasn’t traceable at Dhenkanal Collectorate.Against this, he made an appeal before ADM. The ADM summoned Hota to appear on 16th March 2012 for hearing. On the same day, the ADM ordered the Gondia Tahasildar to furnish the action taken report within 7 days. Once again from RTI letter no.306 dated 9th May 2012, Hota came to know that the lands of K-Form Pattas are donated to the CESC power plant during 2010-11 witou giving any compensations to the loosers.

            It’s now a point of question keeping in view of the Constitution of India,that
Why the District Collector, District Forest Officer(D.F.O.) & District Tribal Welfare Officer(D.W.O.) has not been issued The “Title for Forest Land Under Occupation” to the K-Form Holders according to “The Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Rules, 2007 ” followed by the 12.8.2009 Judgment of Honorable High Court of Odisha in W.P.(C) No.4933 of 2008 ?

Hence, the affected TRIBALs demanded a 3-Party-Discussions comprising of CESC Mahimagadi Loser-Citizen Forum with CESC Power Pvt. Ltd. Owner and the Representation from the Government as the Mediator, during their Mega Rally on last 21st May.

But, 3-party discussion with a single family members proved the suspisious attitude of the officials. This incresed tension among the affected TRIBALs. The company & administrative officials will be responsible for any type of mishap in future due to their this type of dubious attitude , Hota threatened.

We want that their should be a 3-Party-Discussions comprising of  CESC Mahimagadi Loser-Citizen Forum with CESC Power Pvt. Ltd. Owner and the Representation from the Government as the Mediator, within 7th July 2012.But, prior to that, the collector has to issue Written Letter to Mr. Hota & make announcements in all over the area. The Electronic & Print Media should be informed. Otherwise, we’ll intensify our agitation.


Chakradhar Sendha
Secretary – CESC Mahimagadi Khyatigrasth Praja Samiti



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