Raja Parba ( festival) in Odisha

Raja is the living cultural heritage of Odisha . It is a manifestation of the agricultural way of life. Village and agriculture based Odisha People observes Raja festival at the end of Jyostha and with the first two day of Asadha. The first day is called Pahili Raja,second day is Raja Sankranti,third day is Basi Raja. The word Raja comes from the word Rajaswala which means menstruation.

            As all agricultural activities remain suspended and a joyous atmosphere pervades, the young men of the village keep themselves busy in various types of local games, the most favorite game ‘Kabadi’. Competitions are also held between different groups of village.Image

The special variety of cake prepared out of recipes like rice-powder ( Chuna), molasses, coconut, camphor, ghee etc. goes in the name of “Poda Pitha” (burnt cake). The size of the cake varies according to the number of family members. Cakes are also exchanged among relatives and friends


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