Rashtra Sevika Samiti Patha Sanchalana at Simala


Sevika Samiti

२५ जुलाई २०१२ को शिमला के माल रोड पर राष्ट्र सेविका समिति की बहनों ने पथसंचालन किया | इस अवसर पर हिमाचल प्रान्त के विभिन्न स्थानों  से शिमला समिति का प्रशिक्षण प्राप्त करने आई १०८ बहनों तथा स्थानीय बहने उपस्थित रही तथा भाग लिया | 

दलेल सिंह ठाकुर (प्रमुख)

Indian-origin student sues top US prosecutor


New York, July 25 (PTI): An Indian-origin law student has sued Manhattan’s top federal prosecutor Preet Bharara and the US justice department.

The student claims that she was unlawfully questioned and her mobile phone confiscated after she sent letters to the presiding judge during Rajat Gupta’s insider trading trial.

Benula Bensam, 24, who regularly attended Gupta’s trial, filed a 16-page lawsuit against Bharara, prosecutors Reed Brodsky, Richard Tarlowe and the US Marshals Service said.

In the lawsuit Bensam says that she was subjected to “unreasonable search and seizure for unlawful stop, detention, interrogation, seizure of property, search of property, search of communications and demand for identification”. She is representing herself in the lawsuit.

Bensam had sent three letters to Judge Rakoff relating to the Gupta case.

A law student at the Benjamin Cardozo School of Law, New York, Bensam said she had taken a class on federal rules of evidence during her last semester and the letters to Rakoff focused on the various evidentiary rulings he had made in the case and were not intended to influence him.

Bensam said in the lawsuit that she wanted to “understand the process of litigation” and intended to follow the case on a “general level”. “At no point had anyone informed me that I must not direct letters about the ongoing trial.”

Vishal will live forever.


“Our Vishal, is in the critical care unit… and he is almost dead,” Kiran’s inconsolable sobs choked his voice. That call was from Chengannur Jilla pracharak, Kiran, late in the night on the fateful day, July 16. I had seen news flashes about a students’ clash at a college campus, near Chengannur, but didn’t give much importance to such skirmishes that are a regular affair during the opening days of colleges. But I came to know about the details of that incident only during the late night from Kiran. It was a planned attack on ABVP workers by the Campus Front goons. Campus Front is the students’ wing of the notorious Popular Front which is the re- incarnation of SIMI a banned terrorist organization.
Vishal Venugopal was the Nagar Samithi member of the ABVP and the Nagar Shaareerik Sikshan Pramukh of the Sangh. He, along with the colleagues, had been to the Christian College to oversee the new comers’ welcome function organized by the college unit. Three or four Campus Front workers were also there. Everything went on smoothly till 11’o clock. Suddenly, a group of Muslim goons from outside came to the college gate and started abusing ABVP and Goddess Saraswathi. , Vishal and other workers tried to dissuade them from disturbing the function. They didn’t know about the real intentions of the intruders. All of a sudden, those goons from outside, unleashed an attack on Parishad workers with daggers, modern knives, and other lethal weapons. Vishal, Vishnu and Sreejith were severely injured. Vishal, who was also seriously injured, succumbed to death in the wee hours of 17th. Two other workers are still in the intensive care unit.
This was not an isolated incident. So many such incidents had taken place in the recent past, all of similar nature. Popular Front has been planning to unleash terror in the state for a long time now, and the particular fatal incident apart of their well thought out war strategy.

In its usual well planned manner for it trains intensively, the Popular Front had done away with its intended victim.
 EThe other day, the Kerala state government has informed the High Court that Popular Front, which has connections with SIMI, is responsible for 27 homicides of RSS and CPM workers that happened in the state. In a Taliban-model attack on July 4, 2010, the right hand of Prof TJ Joseph was chopped off by activists of the Popular Front and its political wing Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI). The reason ? Joseph had allegedly responsible for setting up a question for a test paper in which he had purportedly blasphemed Prophet Muhammad. The NIA is looking into this case. The PFI ‘ court ‘ had found him guilty and passed a sentence of amputation.

 Vishal was targeted
Vishal was a promising young worker of the Sangh. In his village, he strengthened the Sangh work and started new Sakhas in the near by villages too. He, through his incessant contact and campaign, had been cautioning Hindus about the evil designs of Islamic fundamentalists. He was instrumental in checking several love jihad attempts in and around that area. Jihadis, through several means, were trying to disturb the peace of village life. Alluring Hindu youths through different means, to engage them in anti- social activities like drug abuse and trafficking, is one among that. Vishal, with the help of other villagers, used to intervene and successfully defeat such attempts. He had been courageously campaigning against the growing communal menace with terrorist link, in campuses. These were reasons enough for terrorists to target that young worker. A jihadi court sitting some where had given the order to finish off this eye sore once and for all and those ruthless killers executed the decree.
A dedicated soul:
 Vishal’s dedication and devotion to the great cause of the Sangh ideology, was exemplary in the real sense of the term. He lived, worked and even studied for the Sangh cause, and through the Sangh for nation. He wanted to become a Pracharak as early as possible. It seems, he was always in a hurry. That was why he wanted to discontinue his +2 studies, even though he was a brilliant student. However, the Sangh Adhikaris didn’t allow him to do so. They quite naturally asked him to continue his studies and secure at least a PG. He resolved to do so, but it was an uphill task at that point of time, because only 45 days were remaining for the exam. Vishal couldn’t wait for yet another year. So he studied day and night for 45 days and completed all pending lessons and came out with flying colures in the exam. Then he joined Konni college for B.Sc. Electronics.
In search of Roots.
Strange was his life history. Born in Saudi Arabia and he conducted his preliminary studies in London. But his tender heart was never reconciled to the materialistic life style there. He devoted his free time over internet not to indulge in modern fancies but to find out his Indian roots, culture, our sacred language Sanskrit, and the Holy Scriptures. Young Vishal took an oath to devout his life for the welfare of our culture and heritage. He found out through his endless pursuits that RSS was the one and only organization through which he could fulfill his dreams. Hence, he requested his parents to allow him to go to Bharat and live in their village so that he could study in a congenial atmosphere and work for the nation through the Sangh. His parents tried to dissuade him from his strange desire, but all in vain. He was adamant and the loving parents at last acceded to his wish.Thus he came to Bharat and started his second life for the nation. Parents unable to bear his separation for a long time, tried many a time to take him back to UK. With folded hands and utmost respect he implored them to allow him to continue to live in Bharat. His father, Venugopal , reminisces: “My son used to tell his mother that he might not be in a position to serve us both during our old age. That pained her a lot. When asked why he was telling so, his answer was quiet unbelievable for us,” the bereaved father tells. Vishal told that if  great patriots like Bhagat Singh, Chandrasekhar Azad and Swami Vivekananda had thought about their families and lived for their families, would we have attained freedom? His words and deeds were far beyond the range of a boy of that age.
Once he came to know that one of his friends was not able to join for higher studies due to lack of monetary support. Vishal hadn’t to think for a second time to sell his new motor bike and gave that money to that friend. Vishal was supporting 4 students from poor backgrounds to help them pursue their studies.
Renunciation is our national value
  On July 15, he attended a Gurupooja function at a nearby Sakha. Just 24 hours before that fateful attack on him by the Jihadi terrorist, he was giving an inspirational boudhik to students. He referred to renunciation as the very natural characteristic of our nation. Hindus remember only such people who had offered everything at the altar of the nation the Mother. Swayamsevaks of that Shakha, who had heard that well- structured Boudhik, still recall each and every word of that Boudhik.
Thousands gathered at his funeral.His father and mother had flown down from the UK. Emotions of uncontrollable grief and irrepressible protest was discernible everywhere. After the funeral, the parents heard a song sung by their elder son in a low tone, Vipin, his elder brother, was standing near the pyre. Naturally both the parents admonished him, “how come you sing a song standing here in this condition. Is it not your brother who is getting reduced to ashes on the pyre?” Vipin, who was wailing in between, whimpered a reply: “This is not just another song, father. These lines were taught to me by my dearest Vishal- Jeevitham ambe nin poojaykkaay, Maranam devi nin mahimaykkaay-(This life, Oh Mother, is for your sevice, and death, Oh Goddess, unto your greatness).
This was his favorite Gana geetham hence I sang it, and take it from me mother, I’m going to live according to the spirit of that song hereafter.”
Two days later, one of the provincial Sangh workers visited the house. While talking about Vishal, his father told in the affirmative: “We were not Sangh sympathizers. Actually I was a leftist. But now my son through his life and dedication has changed my life as a whole. Everything that was his, according to him, belonged to the nation, and we too are going to work for the Sangh through the way shown by our dearest Vishal.
It brings forth a noble truth. No anti- national forces can douse the true spirits kindled by the Sangh. Islamic terrorists have been trying to create a fear psychosis among families through such heinous crimes. But they have failed before the resolve of steel of Vishal’s family members, coworkers and the peace loving society.

Vishal is not gone. He lives among us through his brothers in the Sangh. His message of selfless service to the Nation and the Hindu society has grown stronger. His memory will be honored by our selfless renunciation for the cause he chose to uphold. We will see that in place of one Vishal, the Jihadis will have to face a thousand.

Saints protest for Subhash Park – Thousands chant Maha chalisha, Memo to Prez



Saints protest for Subhash Park


New Delhi. July 27, 2012. Prominent saints across Delhi today protested for freedom of Subhash park opposite Lal Kila. Thousands followers and other nationalists gathered in front of Gauri Shankar Temple in Chandani Chauk today at 11.30Am and raise their voice to demolish the illegal structure built, on the ancient temple wall made by Pandavas, defying law & order of the country. Addressing gathering mahant Naval kishor dass, Secretary general Delhi Sant Mahamandal said that the structure must be demolished very soon otherwise this protest would be spread statewide and every street of the national capital would wetness the same seen present here to awaken the sleeping governments and the handicapped administration which is allowing our brave security personnel to be beaten but can not take action against anti social elements.


The protesters  were addressed by Jagad Guru Shankaracharya Ramanandacharya swami Handevacharya, president Sanatan Dharm Pratinidhi Sabha swami Raghavanand, swami Dharma dev, president of Vishwa Hindu Mahasangh mahant Surenra Nath Awadhoot, president Hindu Maha sabha Swami Chakrapani, Int’l Vice president  -VHP shri Om Prakash Singhal, state GS shri Satyendra Mohan, shri Shailendra Jain of Hindustan Nav Nirmaan Dal, Brij Mohan Sethi of Hindu Parv Samanvay Samitee, shri Jai Bhagawan Goyal of Rashtravadi Shiv sena and ex councilor shri Suman Gupta etc.


According to the media chief of VHP Delhi shri Vinod Bansal “Congratulating him for his occupancy as 13th President of the largest republic of the world, a memorandum is also given to the newly elected president of Bharat H.H. Shri Pranav Mukharjee.” In their memo Saints demanded his immediate intervention in the matter before it could take any ugly shape and seek to direct  concerned authorities for demolition of the structure as well as stern action against those who built it, he added.



Ethnic Cleansing of Original Tribes, Other Hindus & Non-Muslims in Assam & current violence there.-vhp

ImageUrgent letter
From: Dr Pravin Togadia, International Working President, Vishwa Hindu
Parishad, Sankatmochan, Sector 6, R K Puram, New Delhi
July 26, 2012
Hon. President of Bharat
Shri Pranab Da Mukherjee ji, New Delhi.
Subject: Ethnic Cleansing of Original Tribes, Other Hindus & Non-Muslims in Assam & current violence there.
Reference: The ongoing violence in Assam currently.
Hon. Shri President of Bharat,

 At the outset, let me wish you congratulations for becoming the 13th President of Bharat – The 1st Citizen of Bharat. I am sure with your long experience in insight in Bharat, now Bharat will try to solve the problems faced by Bharat’s citizens. Now, without wasting more time in formalities, I wish to draw you urgent attention &  immediate intervention to the gruesome plight that Bharat’s original citizens in Assam have been facing. As you are aware, last few days, Assam is burning. Lakhs of Original Tribals have been attacked & forced to flee their homes, villages & towns. Their homes burnt, their little land grabbed & their loved ones lost in the horrible arson & murders by Bangla Deshi Infiltrators now settled in Assam. The relief camps are pouring with the victims of this Ethnic Cleansing of original citizens of Bharat by the Infiltrators. With your kind sensitive heart, if you see the wrinkled faces & tear-filled eyes of those old tribal women & those young worried nursing mothers holding their new-borns in their hands, you will realize the agony & pain they are going through.
This is not the first time it has happened in Assam. It has been going on for over 2 decades. Karbi Anglong, Khasi, Dimasa, Bodo, Jaintia & many other local Tribes who have made Bharat’s North East eco-friendly
with their environmentally simple life styles, who have made Bharat rich with their great art & culture are being brutally attacked, their jungle habitats burnt, their women raped, their men fired at in close range & ultimately they are forced to either die at the hands of Bangla Deshi invaders or leave their age-old traditional habitats.

Unfortunately, just like the authorities ignored first, then neglected & then manipulated the ethnic cleansing in Kashmir done by Pakistan supported separatist groups, the Assam’s systematic ethnic cleansing of local tribes, other Hindus & other Non-Muslims is being ignored by the authorities knowing fully well that the happenings in Assam are the systematic efforts of Bangla Desh helped by Jehadi elements to create Greater Bangla Desh &
socio-politically occupy Assam & many parts of North Eastern Bharat. Mr. President, coming from Bengal, you are well aware of the plight of Bangla Hindus in Bangla Desh. Kashmir situation has gone out of control & now Assam too going the same direction. Unfortunately, the citizens of Bharat are made into minority there by the invading Bangla Deshi infiltrators (Please see the Annexure – total 9 – attached here for more important details.)
1.      Bangla Deshi infiltration is a known fact in Assam. They have settled there with the help of local politicians who have been using this large group as their vote bank. Therefore, the ethnic cleansing by these infiltrators is although not directly state sponsored in a technical terms, but it has a socio-political blessing of those who
win based on these votes. (See Annexure 1 & 9) 

2.      Terror outfits supported by HUJI in Bangla Desh & ISI, Al Qaeda in Pakistan are fully deep-rooted by now in Assam namely like MULTA (Muslim Liberation United Tigers of Assam) & others. (See Annexure 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 & 9). Internationally & even by domestic agencies this has been clearly explained. Yet for vote bank politics, they have been allowed not only enter Bharat, but settle in a sensitive & militarily important state like Assam thereby not only hurting the local population there but putting nation’s safety & security at risk.
3.      Despite continued blasts, other jehadi attacks by such groups & the systematic Pak / Bangla Desh sponsored activities like burning big habitats of local tribes, hoisting Pak / Bangla Desh flags, reducing local population to minority by directly killing them & also by adding more to Bangla Deshi Muslim population there by continued illegal influx, both Union Govt & the state Govt of Assam have been claiming that there have been no hand of Bangla Desh in Assam violence. Sir, Mr. President, this is not mere violence between two groups like Bodo & Muslims as both the Govts are trying to project (This refers to the statement given by the Union Home Secretary & also by the CM of Assam on July 26, 2012 that there had not been any hand of Bangla Desh in
violence in Assam). This is a systematic Ethnic Cleansing of local age-old tribes & other citizens of Bharat as it happened in Kashmir during partition & around 1990. Similarly, the Govt was in denial about Kashmir regarding Pakistan’s hand in Kashmir Ethnic Cleansing. Today, Pakistan has been responsible for umpteen jehadi attacks in & on Bharat where many innocent lives are lost almost daily in Kashmir & in other parts and this is now the official Govt stand. Therefore, Mr. President, without wasting much time – already it is late –   you in your capacity as the Constitutional Head of the nation & as the 1st Citizen of Bharat, need to immediately intervene in Assam situation to stop Ethnic Cleansing of local tribes & other original citizens of
Bharat there. (Please see Annexure 6 & 9 along with other attached papers & photos) 3
4.      There needs to be immediately formed a Tribunal to deport all Bangla Deshi Muslim Infiltrators from Assam & also from other states in Bharat to prevent further Ethnic Cleansing of Bharat’s own citizens. The tribunal should have members from the Army, those retired & served most part in Assam so that they are well aware of the situation there, the socio-cultural experts to understand the importance of original tribes in Bharat & the legal experts to give justice to all the tribes who have been facing attacks by Bangla Deshis. This tribunal also should set the deadline for time as to until when the Bangla Deshi Infiltrators will be deported fully without getting into the ploy that they have voter ID so they are Bharat’s citizens because for vote bank, many have been given such
documents which otherwise are given to Bharat’s other citizens with much verifications. 
5.      All the local tribes, other Hindus & Non-Muslims who have been attacked over the years & also now staying in Relief camps should be given Ru 7,00,000 minimum compensation for each person in the family
died in the violence against them without hassling them for documentation, those who are injured must get immediate medical help at Govt cost & also Ru 4,00,000 as compensation, those who have lost the bread-earner  n the family should get – apart from the Ru 7,00,000 compensation – Govt job at least to one member of the family or in case of being illiterate – enough financial aid for agriculture / jungle produce trade / business depending their skills. Govt should also rebuild their houses at the same place where they lived. These facilities should be given ONLY to the local tribes, other Hindus & Non-Muslims.
6.      There is no reason other than infiltrators’ invasion for such a big Muslim population there which is the second largest at 31% now – the unnatural growth in population due to systematic heavy influx of Muslim Bangla Deshi Infiltrators from invading Assam’s border districts like Kokrazar, Dhubri, Chirang area & many others. Almost 11 constituencies in Assam, this election, had majority votes of these Muslims. (See Annexure 1, 3 & also other documents attached apart from much more information Govt agencies already would have but are not
letting public of Bharat know of it.) 
7.      Mr. President I urge you NOT to ignore or discard my letter, the information attached & also the pleas made by all of us about Assam to immediately deport ALL Bangla Deshi Muslims there. Please do not discard these merely because we may differ in some parts of ideologies. But as a patriotic 1st Citizen of Bharat, YOU and those who do care for keeping Bharat safe from Bangla Desh’s & Pakistan’s shrewd & horrible invasions – WE, all together can make a difference if we keep our some differences aside when it comes to such national
issues. We all are more than willing to extend our helping hand, however small that help may be, to you if & when you take up the issues of national security & local population’s safety in Assam & in all such troubles states rising above any political compulsions. 

           In your new tenure as the President of Bharat, we wish you all the best & again urge you to intervene in the Human Rights crisis created by Ethnic Cleansing of original tribes, other Hindus & non-Muslims in Assam. Kindly do take out time from your busy schedule to go through the documents attached to this letter to get a
4 glimpse of the huge security threat from bordering countries to North East & therefore to Bharat. Original people of Assam – the citizens of Bharat – are waiting for you to show your kind heart & diplomatic acumen in saving them from the modern day invasion from Bangla Desh & Pakistan. Be their savior in their agony & pain, Mr. president, so that citizens of Bharat in other states would not have to nationally & internationally raise such issues but focus of taking Bharat to newer heights. 
        Dhanyavaad. Hoping to see serene Durga Pooja celebration in your Presidential palace as well as in the Devi worshiper Assam this time in Navaraatri. Regards,


Dr Pravin Togadia
International Working President
Vishwa Hindu Parishad
Contact: 098253 23406, Email : drdogadia@gmail.com

Copy to:
1.      The Prime Minister of India
2.      The Home Minister of India
3.      Hon. Supreme Court of India
4.      The Chief Minister of Assam
5.      Office of Human Rights – United Nations, New York
6.      Office of Human Rights – United Nations, New Delhi
7.      The Leader of Opposition – Loksabha
Attached:  A) Annexure 1 to 9 (Total 9)
                 B) Photos of grim situation in Assam – Tribes & Relief Camps)

Strife spreads to Chirang, DIG attacked

People take shelter at a relief camp in Kokrajhar on Sunday after two communities engaged in violent clashes. UB Photos

Post Bureau, Kokrajhar/Guwahati (July 22): The violent clashes between two communities in Kokrajhar spread to nearby Chirang and five more persons lost their lives on Sunday even as fear-stricken people fled their homes to take shelter in relief camps in the blood-soaked Bodoland Territorial Area District (BTAD).

People’s anger also boiled over when DIG (western range) Surendra Kumar’s convoy was blocked at Kodaldoha in Fakirgram on the borders of Kokrajhar and Dhubri district by a crowd of over 1,000 people who were protesting the detention of nine persons in connection with the clashes. The protesters accosted the DIG and attacked him with stones, prompting his escorts and other policemen to open around 100 rounds of fire in the air to rescue the officer.

Kumar sustained injuries in his head as the scuffle continued for nearly two hours. Nine police men were also injured in the incident. Five more killings were reported on Sunday, taking the toll in the communal clashes to 14, according to Assam government.

However, the Union home ministry pegged the toll at 16, with seven killings on Sunday — four in Chirang and three in Kokrajhar. Two persons were also said to be missing at Chirang after a jeep carrying three people were attacked by a mob, killing one of the occupants on the spot. Incidents of vehicle burning were also reported from Garutela in Chirang and Dotma in Kokrajhar.

Chief minister Tarun Gogoi said the government was closely monitoring the situation and has instructed senior ministers Rakibul Hussain and Nazrul Islam to visit the clash-hit districts. “There have been seven incidents so far since July 18 in which 14 people have been killed and nine injured.

Seven civil officers and 15 police officers have been deputed in the clash-hit districts to ensure maintenance of law and order,” the home department said. Government sources said 26,000 people have fled their homes and taken shelter in 36 relief camps in Kokrajhar district. Locals put the number of affected at over 40,000. Two control room shave been set up at Kokrajhar and Gossaigaon as the government appealed to the public not to panic by rumours being spread by miscreants.

During the day, two bodies — that of an infant and a woman — were recovered from near a railway bridge on the bank of Gaurang river while another body was recovered from Kathalbari. The Kokrajhar district administration had called in the army and also imposed night curfew from 6 pm to 6 am since Saturday to control the situation. Kokrajhar DC Donald Gilfellon said that the district has been divided into 31 sectors based on sensitivity and necessary deployment made there. He said that six companies and 2 platoons of para military forces arrived in the district.

“The deployment process is on in all the sect ors,” the DC said. Transport minister Chandan Brahma, who is camping in Kokrajhar, said the situation is “very sensitive” but u nder control. He said some elements are inciting the people on communal lines.

“Communal disharmony will only bring tragedy,” he said urging all organisations to involve and control the situation. Demanding Governor’s intervention, BPPF president Rabiram Narzary alleged the role of a “third party” in the c lashes for political benefits. BTC deputy chief Khampa Borgoyary blamed the All BTC Minority Students’ Union (ABMSU) for the situation.

“The incidents are being instigated by the ABMSU. There is no conflict be- tween the Bodos and minorities as such. The mistrust between the two communit ies is not a good sign for peace and development in the region,” Borgoyary said.

A government statement said NDRF teams have also been deployed to assist the district administration in Kokrajhar.