J and K interlocutor’s report is “dangerous” for country: RSS


Chandigarh, Jul 17 (PTI) The RSS today rejected the Jammu and Kashmir interlocutor’s report as “extremely dangerous” and also China’s claim on Arunachal Pardesh. “The interlocutor’s report on J and K is extremely dangerous for the unity and integrity of the country”, RSS executive committee member Indresh Kumar told reporters here. “The report gives a line to the a third agency to enter into the possible solution of the vexed issue of Kashmir,” he said. The Jammu and Kashmir interlocutors’ report calls for a review of all central acts and articles of the Constitution extended to the state after 1952. Kumar also rejected China’s claim on Arunachal Pardesh and insisted on closing all imports from that country asserting “at least 68 per cent of products in the Indian markets are from China…they are of cheap quality. The imports from China are responsible for unemployment in the country”. On the resumption of cricketing ties with Pakistan, he said that there was no harm in exchange of culture and sports between the two countries. Evading a reply on the prospects of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi to be the Prime Ministerial candidate in 2014, Kumar said, “the RSS is a cultural organisation and not political…it’s too early to think about things to happen in 2014”. PTI VJ


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