[BHARAT ME BAUDHIK DARIDRATA]


My dear fellow citizens of Bharat. In these few years it’s seen growing level of internal disturbances by so called Maoists & BODO separatist particularly in eastern Bharat Barsha where there is no rule of law. The most ridiculous thing is that the print media and the electronics media as well highlight all these activities as if they have right hand information regarding all the activity of so called Maoists. The most interesting fact is that the intellectual mass, the retired diplomats, all the eminent IAS & IPS officers, professors, eminent teachers, and all great sons of Maa Bharatee are silent and mum. Why???


       Why my elders are silent?

What could be the possible reason behind it?

My question is who baptized my innocent fellow countrymen to Maoism?


Few years back Mr. Chandrababu Naidu was supporting the National government of NDA led by Atalbehari Vajpayee jee. By that time we all observed that there was bomb blasts almost everyday by those so called Maoists killing thousands of innocent civilians. But all those bombings stopped immediately as soon as The RS Reddy government took oath. Then the question is what was the agreement and with whom & How?


Out of curiosity I asked many a great teachers, lecturers, doctors, engineers about what they know about Maoism? But none of the learned citizens replied. Then the vital question is when the learned stuff of the country is ignorant even do not know nothing about Mao-Tse-Tung, then who taught this important lesson to the illiterate poor tribals who live in forests ?


                  At the outset I would like to draw a few reasoning which hunt my conscience. A- “AAHIMSA PARAMO DHARMAM” is one of the greatest Vedic teachings which are one of the best intellectual heritages of Maa Bharatee. B- By practicing this Maha-Mantra, Mahaveera became Jina and Siddhartha became Gauttama Buddha. Most important fact in independent India, Mohandas K Gandhi became Mahatma i.e., father of the nation by practicing non violence (Ahimsa).

Since independence we are spending crores of rupees to popularize Ahimsa – “non violence” among our citizens by posting Bapu’s image in the stamps, coins, currency notes and naming  parks, streets, markets, playgrounds, stadiums, schools, colleges in his honor, using his name as a by word for AHIMSA i.e., non-violence. Then after continuous teaching for sixty four years how my countrymen get baptized with Maoist-violence?

It’s like we taught “Saraswati Bandana” to our students in our schools continuously for 12yrs. But when they graduated form that institution they start reciting Mao Bandana…   How it’s possible???


My fellow countrymen please think about it and comment ….


                              In this connection I would like to draw a brilliant thought expressed by a ex-diplomat, Mr. Xian Tzu ha, of peoples republic of china to USA in his book  quoted in the book “Ancient Learning Systems In India” , ‘PRACHEEN-BHARATIYA-SIKSHYAPADHATI’ by Dr. Lajjyaram Tomar who was the general secretary of Vidya Bharatee, Lucknow.


                 He writes– ‘’ India concurred and ruled over china since last two thousand years without sending a single solder across her border. This cultural conquest was never imposed by India. Rather, it was due to voluntary pilgrimage for the people of china and entire Asia’’.


                       Thus we took thousands of years to perpetuate Ahimsa the spirituality of non-violence not only ourselves but to the world as well. We all need to proud enough of being the inheritor of this rich spiritual heritage. We taught the two legged insect eating animal that you are the man of consciousness not an Insane. Then how the peoples of India, the innocent tribals who continuously fought and stood for the values of “Sanatana Dharma” i.e., “The Hindu Dharma” since the age of Lord Rama, could be baptized as Maoists in few months? That to in specific areas where there are non-congress governments or there is better percentage of BJP votes.  How they conceive that the power runs through the barrels of the guns? It all sound ridiculous to all ‘swabhimani bharateeya’.


                         Finally it’s not a question of simple politics that some power hungry people are trying to grab power at any cost. Even at the cost of our own fellow countrymen by creating terror, by cutting the throat of our own innocent tribals by a bunch of innocent tribals through a few power brokers.

It’s a two way approach. In one hand the BJP, who could lead ‘Hindu Nationalist Government’ in Delhi, could be contained and debarred from power for a longer period of time. Secondly, by this time there will be systematic destruction of Hindu Values. I would like to call it as “systematic destruction of Hindu Habitat” by western power brokers.


                  In this connection I would like to draw your kind attention to an incidence which had happened during the visit ofAtalbehari Vajpayee jee as prime minister to USA. President Clinton addressed that “whenever and wherever in the world, if our vital interests are challenged, we shall eliminate that challenge at any cost”. Vajpayee jee replied “Agar Bharat na hota to America na hota.”


                      Perhaps with this feeling the poet wrote…..

                                “He hansabaheeni… gnyanadayeeni…..

                                         Ambabimala mati de…………

                                          Jagasira mora banayen Bharat…

                                   ….. woh bala bikrama de…..

                                           Sahasa, sila aur SWABHIMANA BHARADE”.


Do we have self respect?   Should we all have our self-esteem held high???


To defy and decimate our social credentials, they selected two hundred odd parliamentary constituencies where there is minority vote is high. Then they spent one thousand crores dollars to convert the minority vote so as to eliminate Vajpayee government. And they succeeded. So, what we need do?


                                With a hope my friends shall think and answer……..

If you found it wise then spread it to all our fellow countrymen……..


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