Request of vivekananda Kendra for Assam riot victim


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Namaste !
You must be aware of the situation in Assam. After visiting the areas
with Kumari Lalita Didi, we have seen Kokrazar, Chirang, Dhubri and
Bongaigaon – all Bodo – districts are seriously affected. Nearly
30,000 Hindu people are in refugee camp for security. 22 villages are
completely burnt….. data goes on.

Vivekananda Kendra has decided to reach to people and give the message
that “We are with you.”

In first phase we have thought of giving relief to 200 families of the
Kokrazar area.

Each family will be given a kit of Rs 5000/- in which there will be


1. Big Trunk (Aluminum) 1000/-

2. School kit of note books and bags 1500/-

3 Utensils 1000/-

4 Clothing 1500/-

Let us all contribute for the cause. Please hurry up we have decided
to reach with the things on 8th August 2012.

Please note our Bank details:- Vivekananda Kendra Guwahati, Punjab
National Bank, A/C No- 321300010001877

IFS Code- PUNB0321300

Please convey your details through email after depositing the money-
Name, Address & Pan No

With Regards


Assam Prant Sanghatak

With regards and prayers
Yours sincerely,

(D. Bhanudas)
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