CAG the care taker of national wealth

Ramesh Dubey Presidential reference to the Supreme Court decision came after September 28, the government had delusions that his policy is correct in terms of allocation of natural resources. So CAG (Comptroller and Auditor General) to the edification and instruction cycle was again intensified. But during a public hearing on the Supreme Court’s remark, that the government broke the illusion. Indeed, a public Chacika CAG challenging the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court not only rejected, but it also made clear that the CAG is not an accountant. It is a constitutional institution, the revenue allocation can investigate cases involving the economy. It will not work if the CAG, who will? Fresh controversy erupted 2G spectrum CAG report today, the UPA government is unfounded held, but before the Supreme Court no plea tick found and the court 122 licenses canceled the first-come, first-served policy wrong With that said let that natural resources should be allocated through competitive bidding. Presidential reference to the Supreme Court under President can ask him to explain the decision. It is entirely voluntary, the court is not obliged to give an opinion on it. Then he ruled that the auction sale of natural resources, natural resources can not be the only method of allocation. Assuming this decision victory minister of India’s most important official number (CAG) had to stand in the witness box. Election Commissioner, Comptroller and Auditor General, Union Public Service Commission, the Chief Vigilance Commissioner and the same guard. But long after independence, the government instead of the Constitution guards the guards appeared. The government plans to trim the CEC, the rules made under the three election commissioners, in which decisions are taken by a majority. Factor Seshan effect of the other constitutional institutions facing the Government was conscious and he was accustomed to these officials at these institutions, which are appropriate to his or her interests. Chief Vigilance Commissioner PJ Thomas’s appointment to the position and has been confirmed by the Supreme Court to justify illegal. The framers reckoning responsibility of guarding the CAG (Comptroller and Auditor General or CAG) is assigned to, which is appointed by the President. CAG Constitution in the area of ​​financial administration and ensures compliance with laws made by Parliament. Until recently CAG boring, Ankdebaj and calculating – was considered bookish institution. His report was a mere formality and government departments on audit observations were taken bored, but governments are moving in the same cage. So that way – such allegations are being made, but it is increasing its reliability. Launched fresh attacks on the constitutional institution on August 17 this year, when the coal mines on the CAG report tabled in Parliament the allocative efficiency. The estimates for the CAG recorded during the 2010-11 average production costs and the average sales price of Coal India Limited is based upon. CAG report be tabled in Parliament since begun to happen organically. The main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party stood on the prime minister’s resignation, because the time had been allocated coal mines, the coal ministry that was responsible to the prime minister. The prime minister of corruption such a big question of ignorance. Thereafter, a team of government and congressional leaders CAG (Vinod Rai) were left behind. It is alleged that the CAG has its own political ambitions and his report is driven by the intent of taking political advantage. CAG to attack Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh and telecom minister Kapil Sibal who are at the forefront. Considering the history of criticism of CAG criticism is not new. When – when you sit on the Government’s reports, then – then it is criticized. In 1960, the then Defence Minister Krishna Menon was commenting on the CAG. On receipt of the notice of contempt he had to apologize for his comments. 1990 के दशक में एक केंद्रीय मंत्री ने सीएजी को विदूषक की संज्ञा दी थी, जो भाजपा आज कैग की रिपोर्ट पर संसद से सड़क तक हल्ला मचाए हुए है, उसी के नेता अरुण जेटली ने 2001 में ताबूत खरीद पर कैग की रिपोर्ट पर कहा था, CAG is assessed on the basis of rumors. Defence Minister George Fernandes in the NDA government on the CAG spoke of working in an unethical manner. This was proven once again that the use of public funds, transparency, financial understanding and is in the public interest or not, it is right to see the CAG. (The author is an independent commentator)


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