Swami Lakhmanand’s Murder Case Once again in the High Court

A Writ Petition has been filed by Shri D.P.Kar, Retd. Chief Commissioner of Income tax on 5th October in Odisha High Court, with the prayer that the investigation of Swami Lakhmanand’s Murder Case maybe handed over to an independent investigation agency or a special investigation team. It is alleged by Shri Kar that the investigating officer has not complied with the Hon’ble High Court’s Order dated 2nd August 2011. In the previous Writ Petition, Shri Kar had entered as an intervenor and submitted many startling information before the Hon’ble High Court. In fact the Hon’ble High Court mostly relied upon the Intervention Petition and ordered the re-investigation.
Relying on the order dated 2nd August 2011 of the Hon’ble High Court, Shri Kar addressed a four page detailed letter, dated 17th September 2011, giving many credible and cogent information to the Investigating Officer. He also offered his co-operation for carrying the investigation further. But there was no response from the investigating officer. Shri Kar also gave a copy of the affidavit of Shri Madhab Chaitanaya, the Writ Petitioner. Since no action was forthcoming, Shri Kar sent a reminder to the Investigating Officer on 30th December 2012. As usual there was no response or action on part of the Investigating Officer. The copies of the aforementioned letters were also given to the Director General of Police. It appears nobody was interested in apprehending the culprits.
The most important information was the identification of persons who assembled on 25th May 2008, in Betikela Church and resolved to eliminate the Swamiji on 23rd August 2008. Information regarding the names, details of the present residence, age, father’s name of the culprits was also provided, however, despite this credible and accurate information, the police officer Sribatsha Digal chose not to act upon them. Further, Mr. Digal after giving undertaking in the Hon’ble High Court, regarding the production of vehicles used by the assassinators and the occupants of the said vehicle in Barkhamer, but there was no enquiry in this regard.
In the present petition before the Hon’ble High Court, relying the aforementioned facts , prayer has been made to hand over the investigation of the Murder of Swami Lakhmanand to an independent agency or formation of a special investigation team for apprehending the culprits.

(Durga Prasad Kar)


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