”Forget puncture” – tube for 2 wheelers innovation got recognition in ISBA

Sameer Panda at stage

Tyres puncture is a general issue in every one’s life and no one bothers about it. After cursing the bad luck every one forgets the problem till the next puncture occurs. Though necessity was and is always there, however hardly any one tries to solve the problem. When Sameer Panda a student of UCE Burla now VSSUT; tried to solve the problem Late Prof Giri Dhar Sharma encouraged him in this regard and gave the young mind the courage to find a Technical Solution to it. He tried alone and later took help from his father Dr. Kshama Nidhi Panda in inventing it. Later Prof. Debu Mishra helped him to test a crude Proof of Concept in a scooter. That gave the young chap from Sambalpur, Sameer courage to move further in meeting tube manufacturers and found the manufacturing necessities.

Now, he has a solution which is a multi chambered tube with sealant, where the sealant seals once a puncture happens. This will make the life of two wheeler coummuters easy. Though the new product can be expensive, nevertheless the extra cost can be similar to the amount of expenditures in repairing tyres for 5-7 times. Moreover now one can change the sealant after some time, which can be recycled.So, it is environment friendly as well. This can be implemented in existing manufacturing set up with least changes in it.

This invention has been recognized in as the best Business Plan in ISBA conference at KIITS-TBI, Bhubaneswar. ISBA stands for Indian STEP Business Association an umbrella association of STEPs (Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Program).


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