Congress is communal, not BJP: What the facts say

Congress has never been one to miss a chance to malign the BJP. Threatened by Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s rising influence across the country, Government has been on the look out for opportunities to corner him. Congress knows it can’t beat the Narendra Modi on the development front, so every now and then, they start a ‘debate’ about the 2002 Gujarat riots. So desperate is the Congress that it even took offence to Modi saying that every child and citizen owes a debt to Mother India and it is his duty to repay the debt.

“We hope the CM of a western Indian State doesn’t want to repay debt of other parts of India as he repaid debt of people of his own state in 2002,” Congress spokesperson Manish Tiwari tweeted after Modi’s statement.

Congress, which has always accused the BJP of being communal, has obviously never looked at itself in the mirror. If we go by history, we find startling facts which say that it’s Congress (not the BJP) under whose nose the maximum number of riots took place in the country.

Here is a table (compiled from various sources) showing number of riots since 1967 and who was at the helm of affair in the State.

Riots Ruling party Death toll
1967, Hatia Ranchi Jana Kranti Dal 183
1969 Ahmedabad riot Congress 512
1970, Jalgaon riot Congress 121
1979, Jamsedpur Janata Party More than 100
1980, Moradabad Congress More than 1000
1983, Nellie President’s Rule Around 1900
1985, Ahmedabad Congress 300
1989, Bhagalpur Congress More than 1,000
1990, Hyderabad Congress 365
1990, Aligarh Janta Dal More than 100
1992, Surat Congress with allies More than 100
1993, Mumbai Congress More than 800
2002, Gujarat BJP More than 1000
2011, Bharatpur Congress 10
2012, Assam Congress 70
Of the above 15 communal riots, 10 happened during Congress or Congress allies’ rule and only one under BJP. Despite this, Congress has the gall to label others ‘communal’.

Congress pretends to be ‘secular’ but it is actually quite communal. It’s hand is soaked in the blood of every community — Hindu, Muslim and Sikh.

Who can forget the Nellie massacre in 1983 in which the unofficial toll goes well above 5000.

Will someone ask the Congress why the Tiwari Commission report on Nellie massacre has not been made public till now? Thousands of Sikhs were butchered in the 1984 pogrom. Nearly three decades later, culprits like Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan kumar continue to roam free.

Not to mention the atrocities during the 1975 emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi in which Congress killed or witnessed the killing of people from almost all sections of the Indian population. May be that is why Congress claims to be ‘secular’ — because it treats all communities with equal disrespect.

Gujarat hasn’t witnessed a single incident of communal violence since 2002. Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has been given a clean chit by Supreme Court-appointed SIT. In spite of this, Congress keeps trying to rake up the painful memories of 2002 for the sake of political mileage. Never mind that BJP-governed States in general haven’t observed even a single incident of communal violence.

Now will someone tell Manish Tiwari that it is Congress which hates such peace.

Congress’s insecurities have come to the fore the country has started falling in love with Narendra Modi. People like him as a leader and they appreciate what he has done for his State Gujarat. Today he has become the hope and ideal for the youth of the country because of farsighted vision.

Even Muslims, who Congress insists live in terror of Narendra Modi have voted for Narendra Modi. BJP won 12 out of 19 Muslim-dominated constituencies in the 2012 Gujarat Assembly election. This is because Muslims found in him a true leader whose rule improved their socio-economic and educational status.

The Sachar Committee report says that in terms of literacy, Muslims in Gujarat stand at 73.5 per cent as compared to the national average of 59.1 per cent.

In terms of per month and per capita income also, the report says Muslims in urban Gujarat earn an average of Rs 875 which is more than the national average of Rs 804. Similarly in rural Gujarat, Muslims earn an average of Rs 668 as compared to the national average of Rs 553.

According to the Sachar Committee findings, in terms of the share of Muslims in Government jobs, Gujarat fares well at 5.4 per cent in comparison to 2.1 per cent in West Bengal, 3.2 per cent in Delhi and 4.4 per cent in Maharashtra.

Narendra Modi has become a headache for the Congress because of facts, not imagined flaws that Congressis keep peddling — like the Yamraj gaffe of last week.


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