Anti-India elements taking over Kashmir University

…..“In Kashmir, rapes have been used as warfare for a very long time to strengthen the ‘occupation’. They (India) want to remind you that you are weak and they are the dominant and will remain so. Rape is a warfare used by army in Kashmir particularly in 1990’s.”

……”People fighting in Kashmir need to get inspiration from people of Tibet or Palestine without expecting each others help as there are many limitations.”

By Hari Om on April 23, 2013

Things in Kashmir have become extremely dangerous. It is not only the Valley’s ruling elite that is systematically adding to the woes of the nation by indulging in anti-state activities and poisoning the minds of gullible Kashmiri Muslims against the Indian State. The Kashmir-based media, especially print, is also adding to the woes by spreading hatred against India and Indians.

In fact, the gulf between the Valley and New Delhi is widening deeply. The wall of hatred has been raised by the vested interests in Kashmir. In fact, the media, like Kashmiri leaders, both ‘Separatists’ and ‘Mainstream’, have been carrying on a ‘hate-India campaign’ since many decades. It has been spreading misinformation with impunity. The fact of the matter is that the Kashmir-based media is an integral and very crucial part of the ongoing bloody, patently sectarian and a separatist movement in the Valley.

As if all this was not enough to damage the national cause in Kashmir, which is legitimately Indian, the University of Kashmir whose fundamental duty is to impart instructions at Post-Graduate level, promote research and undertake nation-building activities, has also taken the plunge and joined the ongoing Separatist movement in a big way on April 20.

Not that the University of Kashmir had not supported the anti-India elements and anti-national activities in the past. After all, it has number of teachers who are as fanatic as pro-Pakistan Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, Yasin Malik and Shabbir Ahmad Shah are. They have written a number of anti-India and pro-separatist essays and participated in TV debates on Jammu & Kashmir, its status and the so-called causes of unrest in and alienation of Kashmir from the national mainstream – debates mostly organised by NDTV 24×7, NDTV India, CNN-IBN and occasionally, TIMES NOW. And they are in the Departments of English, Political Science and History, to mention a few only.

One of the faculty members, Siddiq Wahid, former Chair Professor, Maharaja Gulab Singh Chair, who now holds an important position in the University of Kashmir, is the one, whose salary had been withheld by the University of Jammu for months in 2004 because he had ruthlessly violated service rules and visited countries like Pakistan to take part in anti-India seminars on Jammu & Kashmir without seeking prior approval from the authorities. In fact, he was appointed as a Vice-Chancellor of Islamic University of Science and Technology, Kashmir. His salary was released by the Vice-Chancellor Amitabh Mattoo — himself a pro-separatist, India-baiter and mercenary of sorts — only when this writer relinquished the office of the Head of History Department even before completing his tenure of three years. As Chair Professor, Wahid did not write a single sentence on the history and culture of Jammu & Kashmir.

What happened on the Kashmir University campus on April 20, had perhaps never happened in the past in the so-called house of learning. The point, however, is the dangerous and seditious interaction between Dibyesh Anand, Associate Professor of International Relations, University of Westminister, London, and faculty of Kashmir University and students. The topic of discussion was “Politics of Security Development and Democracy”. The so-called Professor of International Relations, Anand, did not come to the University of Kashmir on his own to advocate sedition against India. Obviously, he was invited by this university, which could be legitimately termed as a hub of anti-India activities.

I have no other alternative but to reproduce verbatim some of the relevant portions from what he said for which he was applauded by the University of Kashmir, its faculty members and students who interacted with the enemy of India, Anand. He, inter-alia, said: “The people need to mind that fighting on a united front is the only option before them to fight the ‘occupational forces’ (read India and Indian Army). They should not show each other in a bad light but to engage in a manner that does not allow the State to divide and rule them. ‘State boundaries change. They come, collapse and disappear’…Kashmiris have failed to present themselves beyond a narrow circle and need some creative ways to resist…any kind of political movement takes time, but what people need is patience and work towards that in a disciplined manner. Education, organisation, resistance are the important tools in any fight but at the same time people have to be accommodative to the colonial occupation. People need to preserve culture and religion in their right as the State uses it as their tools in suppressing people”.

Anand, like pro-separatist Gautam Navlakha, Radha Kumar, A G Noorani and Arundhati Roy, who renounced Indian citizenship long back condemning India, further said:

“In Kashmir, rapes have been used as warfare for a very long time to strengthen the ‘occupation’. They (India) want to remind you that you are weak and they are the dominant and will remain so. Rape is a warfare used by army in Kashmir particularly in 1990’s.

Kashmiris’ are not alone in this, but about 80 per cent of the people in India are victims of the State. What is abnormal is normal in North East States, including Kashmir…People should learn from each other and get inspiration from each other. People fighting in Kashmir need to get inspiration from people of Tibet or Palestine without expecting each others help as there are many limitations. Kashmiris should not expect the Dalai Lama to talk for them as it would be unethical as the Lama will not be in a position to do so”.

Pro-separatist, perverted Hindu and an agent of hostile nations Anand did not stop just there. He further said:

“People need to use all those tools that the occupational force uses to challenge the State. We don’t have the luxury to get what you want. You have to organise and resist in a very creative way and subvert the state when you can…Sate is capable of doing anything. National security is a ‘very good excuse’ to justify all kind of inhuman operations on its people. Democracy is a tool to question the various actions of the State, but the security is used to prevent that questioning. Democracy is also ‘azadi’, but not the false democracy found in India where leaders are informal colonisers. We have to bring a new kind of ‘azadi movement’ that challenges the State and also challenges the existing leadership that tries to use your sentiments and aspirations to line up their own pockets or to assert themselves as the only leaders…People fighting for ‘azadi’ have to be ‘very creative and organise strategically’. They are capable of making azadi of ‘graveyard’…India will always remain neurotic about Kashmir as they believe that ‘Kashmiris’ do not like them and are not like them”.

There is no need to explain what Anand said, as the meaning of what he said is crystal clear. Suffice it to say that he belongs to that school of thought to which Navlakha, Noorani, Roy, Radha, to mention only a few, belong. Navlakha is a fan of Geelani and a votary of Kashmir’s secession from India. Noorani wants New Delhi to follow the late French President General de Gaulle, who once told his advisors: “If you wish to forge a lasting peace (in Algeria), talk to those who are firing on your soldiers; never negotiate with those with no blood on their hands because they are irrelevant”. Roy, too, is a great admirer of Geelani. She wants New Delhi to quit Kashmir forthwith. And Radha wants New Delhi to “amend the Indian Constitution to accommodate the Kashmirs’ ‘azadi demand’. She had assured some students of Kashmir University in October 2010, itself that she and her senior colleague Dilip Padgaonkar would approach the concerned authorities in New Delhi to persuade them to accommodate their ‘azadi’ demand.

It is not important what Anand said. What is disturbing is the permission of the University of Kashmir that allowed him to paint India black and preach sedition on its campus. Even more alarming is the indifferent attitude of Jammu & Kashmir Governor, N N Vohra, to what has been going on in the University of Kashmir for years now. Besides being Governor, Vohra is also the Chancellor of Kashmir University. It’s time to intervene in the University of Kashmir and stem the rot.

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