World Press Freedom Day celebrated by IMC, Ganjam Chapter

Reported By sanat Panda,sanat Panda Ganjam

BERHAMPUR: Celebrating the World Press Freedom Day the Indian Media Centre today has conducted a seminar on “Safe to Speak: Securing freedom of expression in all media”. With the need of economic, social and Political freedom for journalists, self controlled press freedom is encouraged in the seminar. Giving deliberation on the occasion Chief Guest Jaya Bardhan Das, Berhampur Press Club President stated that day today increase of threatens to journalist from various corner is a major issue. The nexus between anti socials and top media managers no more guarantees hard labour of a reporter or desk concern. Chief Speaker Rabi Rath, IMC state secretary, Odisha stated that the press at the present time owned by various political parties or Corporate Houses, due to which the media policies are changing as per the self needs instead of betterment of society. The gaped team management, unsecured environment andless economic freedom for journalists is encouraging misconducts in the profession.

Making a slogan “Press needs to free from the own vices” the Editor of Dakhinabarta Sudhnsu Panda said the time has come to focus upon the realistic societal problems by which press can achieve the belief of the mass. The Editor of online media Odishabarta Manoj Das opined, the press has to maintain its own dignity and to work being united in between them. In addition to that he said, “We have to work for the real aim of the press by providing information to the mass.”

The seminar is chaired by the IMC Chairman, Ganjam Chapter Sanat Panda. The seminar is full on swung by the participation of various categories of intellectuals including reporter, desk personnel editors and Press photographers Opening the ceremony Organizing Secretary Narayan Mahankuda of IMC welcomed the guest whereas Ganjam-Gajapati Field Publicity Officer Manmohan Padhi, Executive Director of UTV Sanjaya Majhi, Bibidh Sambad editor Gouranga Chodhury Student Empire editor N.Lena Chand, PBD Bureau head Ronalisa Parida and other media professionals debated in the seminar. IMC General Secretary Gourango Choudhury put vote of thanks on its conclusion


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