SVS Odisha celebrate Medhabi vidyarthi Avinandan – 2013

SVS- 1

shikhyya vikasha Samiti the ideal education system of odisha celebrate Medhabi vidyarthi Avinandan – 2013 at Bhanja Kala mandap, Bhubaneswar. Saraswati sishumandira student got top rank in HSC exam for 2013 after all nasty politics against the system.Mass education departmentof Govt did not announce rank due to heavy fear of their success. Media discover the real truth and success who is the best among of them. SVS Odisha felicitated his lovely brilliant student on 12th may according to their tradition.
Some dedicated and selfless people have taken a daring step in the education field to brighten the future of nation and “Saraswati Sisu Mandir” was creation of some of the RSS workers in 1952 in Gorakhpur. This school was a huge success.
In 16 September, 1977, the first “Saraswati Sisu Mandir” was established in Bhubaneswar, There were as many as six schools is various parts of Orissa by 1980. Dr. Harekrishana Mahatab and many other ministers of that time many other people played significant roles in the growth & spread of such schools in Orissa.
From 1977 to 2000 can definitely be considered as the most fruitful phase in the success of this school. One student every year is found in “Best ten” list in HSC exam consequently for 10 years starting from 1997. In 2004 HSC exam, Orissa. 10 students of this school qualified in “Best Ten” list. Besides this, 10-12 such schools score 100% pass result in HSC exam. Orissa is also in progress 1000 chools in different parts of the state.
The educational system in India has faced a basic dilemma ever since its introduction lay the British. India became independent in 1947 but we still followed their culture, way of living and day-today behavior and our educational pattern was never be freed from the English pattern. “Saraswati Sisu Mandir” was an organization which wanted to reflect the nationalism in educational system and to create good citizen of India, so that India could be rated as one of the best nation in the world.


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