Govt must stop lampooning the special status issue: Suresh Pujari

Bhubaneswar: Both the centre and the State Government are misleading the people of the State with their illogical, unwarranted and out-of-box statements on the special status to State. While the BJD Government is shading crocodile tears on the matter, Union Minister Rajiv Sukla’s double standard, one in Parliament and other outside, have made a mockery of the issue, said State BJP Chief Spokesperson Suresh Pujari.
The law and order situation in the State is in shambles leading to everyday crimes against women, robbery, loot and coldblooded murders. But this unethical Naveen Government’s intentional apathy towards all these issues and concentration on the greedy appetite of power has made people to suffer, alleged Pujari.
It is unfortunate for the State that its ministers are trying to gulp money from the State Treasury in the name of Swabhiman rally. Ironically, the ‘Swabhiman’ rally has given ‘Apaman’ to the people of the State. Besides, the Government is trying to sabotage the serious issues of Western Odisha, rampant corruption, uncontrolled crimes against minor girls and women and a total failure of law and order in the State by moving the focus towards the special status issue. The callousness and apathy of the Government towards the demand of a permanent High court bench in Western Odisha, that carries a lot of importance for the people there, is unfortunate, lamented Pujari, adding that even if it has been a long standing demand of the people of Western Odisha the Naveen Government has never heeded to it and albeit the demand need the nod of the Central Government and Parliament, the State Government has confined itself to writing of letters to the Chief Justice of the High Court only.
The August 24 meeting, called by the CM to discuss on the matter was nothing more than a showy formality to appease the movement. The CM came with a pre-scripted note and spoke out the written words like a Parrot. He never understands that open heart and mind is needed to reach to conclusions. Even if 23 law experts were present at the meeting the CM sought views of more experts. Pujari questioned that what the CM told at the meeting did he really mean it.
The Justice Mohanty Commission appointed by the State Government has already reported Western Odisha as neglected area and so the report must be tabled in the ongoing Assembly session for discussion, demanded Pujari.


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