Central University of Orissa celebrates Special Convocation & National Symposium on Legal Education

The Central University of Orissa held a programme today comprising Special Convocation & National Symposium on Legal Education at Hotel Mayfair Lagoon, Bhuvaneswar. The programme started with the Special Convocation where the Degree of the Doctor of Laws Honoris Causa was conferred upon Dr. Gopal Subramaniam, former Solicitor General of India and an eminent jurist. After the citation of Honoris Causa was read out by Prof (Dr.) Surabhi Banerjee, the Vice Chancellor of the Central University of Orissa, the degree was handed over to Dr. Gopal Subramaniam by Prof N.R. Madhav Menon and the Chief Guest of the convocation Shri Kalyanjyoti SenGupta, Chief Justice, Andhra Pradesh High Court. Dr. Subramaniam expressed the award as his “greatest honour” in his life and vowed to strive to be in the use of the society. Shri Kalyanjyoti SenGupta and Prof N R Madhav Menon praised the endeavour by the Central University of Orissa to honour Dr. Gopal Subramaniam.Central Univercity Koraput
After the tea break the seminar titled “National Symposium on University Legal Education: Need of the Hour” was started. It was inaugurated by lighting of the lamp by Shri Kalyanjyoti Sen Gupta, Hon’ble Cheif Justice of Andhra Pradesh High Court. In his inaugural speech Shri Sen Gupta, laid down the salient features of Indian constitution describing India as a “constitutional democracy”. He opined that the Central University of Orissa’s law school has an important role to play to aware the tribals of their rights and duties and help to establish the ‘rule of law.’ Prof (Dr.) Surabhi Banerjee, the Vice Chancellor of the Central University of Orissa traced the development of the Central University of Orissa in Koraput and described the goal of the conference to establish a different law school compatible with the mission and vision of the University. She hoped that the symposium would define the future trajectory of legal education.
Prof N R Madhav Menon at the very outset described a roadmap for the upcoming law school in CUO. He opined that a four year law course with three years in the class room and a year in field work. He described a number of reformative measures in legal education and different kinds of legal education. Shri Pinaki Mishra, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India and Member of Parliament advocated for a three year law course with opportunity to study new and special areas of Law. Shri Aniruddha Bose, Judge, Calcutta High Court, cited examples of benevolent lawyers like Deshbandhu C R Das and Abraham Lincoln and opined that there should be an element of social education in legal framework. He proposed that the CUO may concentrate on rights of indigenous people. Dr. Gopal Subramanium emphasised that the Indian constitution has been an inspiration for the South African constitution and it has several great aspects to it. In the concluding speech of the session Dr. G. Mohan Gopal, Director, Rajiv Gandhi Institute for Contemporary Studies, New Delhi lamented that the poor and common people of India have been isolated from the legal system of the country as lawyers fight for the rich against the poor. He proposed that the Government should set up a cadre of salaried ”Public Defenders” to fight for providing justice to the poor. He felt that the need of the hour is to address the crisis and challenges legal education is facing like changing the theoretical foundations of law.
Central Univercity Koraput (1)
Post lunch, the technical session of the symposium was chaired by Dr. H.B.Das, Senior CBI Judge(Retd.) and co-chaired by Dr.S S Chatterjee & Prof Jayadev Pati. Eminent law academicians and lawyers deliberated on the theme including Dr Bijayananda Behera, T N Murty, Dr. S K Nanda, Manoj Kr Acharya, Deepak Narendra, Madhubrata Mohanty and N.C. Sarkar. The session concluded with Vote of Thanks by Prof A K Mishra, Registrar, CUO.
The programme was attended by the students, faculty and staff of Central University of Orissa and other luminaries from the academic and civil society.

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