Press Club of Nuapada organised workshop on National Food Security Act 2013

The District Press Club of Nuapada organised a workshop on National Food Security Act 2013 (NFSA)he conference on Wednesday at Khariar in the conference hall of the Chief Engineer Office of Lower Indra Irrigation Project. The participants of the workshop were the working journalists, intellectuals, leaders of political parties and a few government officials of the district. “The objective of organizing the workshop was to discuss about the NFSA to bring clarity about the act within the participants” said Tapan Dash, secretary of the Press Club. The speaker on this occasion was Rajkishor Mishra, the state adviser of Supreme Court Commissioner on Food Rights. Mishra spoke in detail about Act and also stated about the gaps in the Act. “The cap of 5 kgs. per capita per month will not be sufficient for a person. According to Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR), a hard working person needs at least 12 kgs of cereals per month to meet the minimum calorie requirement which the NFSA does not fulfill” said Mishra. He also discussed about various other lacunas of the Act, like the failure to address the issue of safe food and exclusion of food articles like pulses and sugar etc. “My suggestion for the media persons is that they should write extensively on the impact of the act on marginalized persons like people with disabilities and widow headed households” added Mishra.
The participants expressed their concern over the cap of 5 kgs. “The average number of household per family in our district is four, thus each family will loss 5 kgs of food grain per month in an average after the implementation of the Act” said Adhiraj Panigrahi of Congress and Sanjay tiwary of BJD. The participants questioned the basis of fixing the cap at 5 kgs. “It is very whimsical and violation of the basic principle of the constitution” express the participants. “However, it is a good beginning, because the people have now the right to go to the court of law in case of violation” said Fanindam Deo, Principal of Khariar Autonomous College. Prof. Ramachandra Mishra, Samarjit Patra of BJP and Sunil Sahu of Congress parties, Padmanav Patra, Udit Panda of Odisha Times, Denis Roy of Indian Express, Parameswar Barik of Surya Prabha, Motilal Bag of Kamyab TV, Hemanta Behera of Samaj, Sushil Kumbhar of Samaya, Saroj nag, Samir Hota, Prabhudatta Joshi and many other people were present in the workshop.


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