Now it is easy to take care of puncture – Odia scientist Sameer Panda

The concept was first conceptualised by Sameer Panda, when he was a student in UCE Burla (Now VSSUT) around 1998. It took him seven years to make the first prototype for his scooter. The first prototype was tested by Dr. D. Mishra, Dean Students Affairs in VSSUT in 2005-06. He encouraged him to work further.

On those days we accepted the Technical Problems associated with our technology and again worked on Development and feedback from various sources. Now, we have come up with improved IP protected innovations, which are easy to implement with least investment of time and resources and can be readily accepted by the market.

It’s a well known fact that Sealant in tyre or tube has following problems associated with it:

1. Leakage
2. Deterioration of property due to interaction with air
3. Wheel Balancing
4. Ineffective in case of side wall puncture
5. Rubber hardening etc.

Our Innovation will solve above mentioned problems partially or completely, apart from making the drive hassle free in case of puncture and possibly improve the life by cooling effect. We have solved those issues by providing a chamber adjacent to the tyre inner layer in Tube.

This will decrease the down time and cost of ownership, which will increase the profitability of fleet owner for commercial vehicles. This technology can be used as an additional feature of tube or tubeless tyre or self supported tyre or auxiliary supported tyre. Whereas other technology can be used in specific market segment but in our case it can be used in 2 wheeler, car, suv, bus, truck, minning tyre etc.. So, it has universal usage.

The other inventors of this technology are Dr. Kshama Nidhi Panda and Ms Smitiparna Satpathy. Overall guidance in this invention has been provided by Dr. R.K. Mishra retired VC of BPUT and Dr. D. Mishra, Dean of Students Affairs, VSSUT, Burla.

The Tyre will not only take care of puncture in tread area but also in sidewall at very low cost. It will also increase the life of the tyre or tube by 10 to 15%. We expect it to increase fuel efficiency i.e. Mileage by 3%. Apart from that in our invention there is no need of Wheel Balancing, which will decrease the usage of Lead, which is a highly poisonous substance. In this way it will decrease the Carbon Foot Print of the vehicles and save revenue of the nation.

Sameer Panda (Inventor)

+91 – 8093 652 93

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