‘Agenda’ against VK puts security at risk: experts

Mumbai Mirror | Sep 25, 2013, 08.30 AM IST

‘Agenda’ against VK puts security at risk: experts

Some army experts feel that the government’s vendetta against VK Singh is because he was photographed with Narendra Modi

Lakshmi Iyer

Defence strategists say the government has been blowing the army’s cover in Jammu & Kashmir in their quest to ‘malign’ the former army chief.

The disclosures made by the government about the operational strategy of the Indian Army in the Kashmir Valley is worrying not just former Army chief General V K Singh, but also Kashmir strategists who, for years, have been trying to find a solution to the issue.

Even as the former army chief claimed on Tuesday that the money disbursed by the now disbanded Technical Support Division were not bribes paid to individual ministers, but allotted for specific projects, strategists are livid with the government for blowing the Indian Army’s cover in J&K.

“The army has relied on democratically elected leaders such as Ghulam Hasan Mir for its people outreach programme. But by blowing Mir’s cover and disclosing operational details, it is not clear whose cause we are helping.

Does nobody in the government realise how Pakistan will use it use against us? The centre has put Mir at risk,” said Ashok Bhan, a Kashmir strategist.

Former NSA and RAW chief A S Dulat was equally surprised that so many details of army operations in J&K were out in the open. “We do not talk about what we do there,” he said.

Daulat’s successor to the coveted office in the PMO Shivshankar Menon, however, seems to follow a different policy. Neither he nor anybody in the PMO seems bothered about how Islamabad will use the army’s vulnerabilities in J&K. In fact General V K Singh said that the reports connected with him seem to be leaking only when they reach the PMO.

“This government is behaving as if we live in some banana republic. The PMO is acting with such vendetta against General Singh that it does not weigh any other issues of national security before leaking secret documents. Just because the he was seen with Narendra Modi, the centre leaked a board of inquiry report that doesn’t even have a Court of Inquiry status,” said Major General (retd) G D Bakshi.

He recalled how the PMO had earlier tried to foist a coup plot on Gen Singh. “When there are 30,000 troops stationed in Delhi, the PMO planted a story that he was mobilising troops to take over Delhi,” said Bakshi.

Bakshi said the decision to set up TSD was taken after the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack. Terrorism was at its peak in the valley and the terrorists had targeted schools and were forcing people to send their children to go madrasas. “Since the army could not directly get involved in building schools or bridges, we had to involve elected representatives,” he said.


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