Diarrhoea death in Nuapada district

More than 50 persons of Ranipur village under Khariar CHC of Nuapada district have been affected by diarrhoea. When one person named Trinath Darjee succumbed to the disease yeasterday, another 50 persons are still suffering. 10 people have been admitted to the CHC at Khariar and a team of health officials have been stationed in the village to treat other suffering peosons.

It is reported by the villagers that, the disease started due to drinking of contaminated dug well water in the village. “As the tube well water contain high content of fluoride, we are forced to drink the tube well water” say the villagers.

Although the Medical officer of the Khariar CHC claim that, the situation is under control, the villagers are still afraid because more number of people are affected everyday. Another cause of concern for poor people is the increasing burden of expenditure on medicines. “We have to purchase injections from outside” says Angad Darjee of the village. All family members of Angad have been admitted in the Khariar CHC for treatment. “I have already spent Rs.4500/- towards the cost of injections. Likewise, Himadri Bag has spent Rs.2300/- towards medicine. Wife, son and daughter of Indra Gahir have been admitted since yeasterday and they have already spent Rs.1000/-.

“We are prescribing medicines, because the people are insisting for medicines from outside” says Dr. P.Chandra Achary, Medical officer of the CHC. One of the patients Bhajman Darjee confirms the statement of the doctor and says, “yes, we feel that, the hospital medicines are not effective enough for serious patients, so I insisted on prescription for injections to purchase.” Lopamid tablets, magacid syrup, V.B.lacx, Zonal – TZ injections, vomikind, solagard and hallam injections have been prescribed by the doctors in the CHC which are not available in the CHC stock.

“Tayal Medical store, the medicine store located in side the hospital compound is charging more than the prescribed cost” the patients complain. This store also does not give receipts to the consumers. Dr. Achary also agrees with this excess cost charged by the medicine shop. “There is government circular for these shops in side the hospital compound to sell medicines at 5 percent less but the Tayal store is not caring the instruction. Some patients have already registered complaint against the store” adds the medical officer.


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