Informatory bulletin on cyclonic storm Helen over west central bay of bengal

(i) Information on The cyclonic Storm ‘ HELEN’ over west Cenral Bay of Bengal:

Yesterdays deep depression over West Central Bay of Bengal moved west wards, intensified into a cyclonic storm ‘HELEN’ at 20/0830 hours IST and lay centred at 0830 hrs IST of today, the 20th November 2013 near latitude 15.00N and longitude 84.00E, about 520 Km South of Gopalpur. The system would further intensify into a severe cyclonic storm during next 24 hrs. It would move west-north-west wards for some time, then west-south-west ward and cross south Andhra Pradesh coast between Sriharikota and Ongole, close to Kavali around night of 21st November 2013.

(ii) Forecast of next 24 hours:

RA/Ts may occur at one or two places over Odisha.

(iii) Heavy R/F Warning for next 24 hours: NIL.

(iv) Advice for hoisting Storm Warning Signals:

Distant Warning Signal Number Two (DW-II) has been hoisted at Paradeep and Gopalpur ports.

(v) Likely impacts and actions: North-easterly surface wind speed 30 to 40 KmPH gusting to 50 KmPH may prevail along and off south Odisha coast.

(vi) Fishermen Warning :- Fishermen of south Odisha coast are advised to be cautious while venturing into sea.

Too: 20/1230 EF

( A. K. Majhi)

For Director In Charge


“Forum for citizens right” demands for arrest of Bhusana Steel plant owner

Master canteenre gana Dhrana (2)

Bhubaneswar, 20/11/13 – The fourm for human right body odisha organise a protest at Master canteen, Bhubaneswar on the issue of brazen death of innocent worker at Bhushana Steel Plant at Dhenkanala District.It also said that without having the consent to operate (CTO) from the Odisha State control Board (OSPCB), it is operating the blast furnace. At least 95 person have been died so far due to industrial mishaps in the plant site till it is operated according to source. There are 65 fatal incidents official said.
That’s why “FORUM FOR CITIZENS RIGHT” a through probe into the incident and all the culprits must be booked as per the law. It also mooting to knock the door of NHRC if the process delayed here.