Lokapal effect in Odisha – Today the State Cabinet has decided to legislate LOKAYUKT Act within a period of one month.

Odisha Chief minister statement on Lokayukt
Bhubaneswar,03/01/14 -As you are all aware the Hon’ble President has given his assent to Lokpal Bill 2013 that was passed by both Houses of Parliament. Our State Government has always taken tough, effective and exemplary steps in tackling corruption, improving transparency and delivery of public services. Be it the passing of the Special Courts Act which has provisions for confiscation of the property of corrupt public servants or the
Public Service Delivery Act, which facilitates providing services in a time bound manner, our Government has always been a pioneer in the country. I had earlier stated that the State Government will bring the Lokayukt Act within three months from the time it is passed by the Central Government.

Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Bhubaneswar, Odisha

In view of our Government’s commitment to fight corruption and bring in transparency in public life, the State Government will get this legislation enacted within a period of one month, even though the Central Act provides for a window period of one year for implementation. In this regard, today the Cabinet has decided in principle to legislate this Act within a period of one month. The Chief Minister and the Council of Ministers will also be under the purview of the proposed Stat’ Act.
The State Government is committed for absolute transparency and probity in public life. I am sure this legislation will go a long way in this regard and we will leave no stone unturned in our resolve for complete transparency in governance, in bringing down corruption and ensuring that the public services reach the farthest person in the remotest corner of our State.


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