Dr. Arbinda Kumar Padhee assumed the charge of office of the Secretary, Culture

Bhubaneswar, 28th January, 2014
After assuming the charge of office of the Commissioner-cum-Secretary to Culture
Department Dr. Arbinda Kumar Padhee, IAS said that, chewing of pan and smoking in office
premises create unhealthy & filthy environment affecting productivity in any organisation.
Smoking in the public premises has since been made a punishable offence.
He has ordered that all the officers/staff of the Culture Department and other
establishments under the control of culture Department will refrain from taking any such
intoxicating materials. As per Government in G.A. Department letter dated 6th June 1984 and
the circular issued by Chief Secretary, Odisha on 25th April 1989, any Government servant
using any kind of intoxicants in Office Premises would attract provisions (under Rule 24-A)
of Odisha Government Servants (Conduct) Rules.
Dr. Padhee also appealed to all Officers and staff working in different establishments
of Culture Department to wear handloom fabrics and must do so on Friday of the week and to
make correspondences in Odia language as far as practicable.


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