Function of State Archives

Bhubaneswar, 28th February, 2014
The regular function of Odisha State Archives such as survey & acquisition of public
& private records, its management, repair & rehabilitation of old & frail records, Xeroxing
facilities to the scholars and development of Research T Reference Library were carried on as
per the scheduled programme during the month of Last December and January.
In the record rooms of State Archives, 10 Volume records & 35 Loose records were
accessioned, 160 Volumes records, 68 files, 20 racks & 52 loose records were cleaned and
arranged properly; Xeroxing of 27 volumes & 7 files, 13 Vols. & 20 files were stitched and
Diary of 660 nos of newspaper were done during the period. Besides this 175 volumes & 18
files were supplied to the Research scholars.
In the Research & Reference Library, 14 books/Journals were accessioned, 12 books
were catalogued, 370 books were issued to the scholars & were reshelved. Along with this,
122 research scholars were availed all sorts of research facilities.
Revenus Collection:- A sum of Rs. 15,876/- (Rupees fifteen thousand wight hundred
seventy six) only have been collected towards supply of Xerox copies and purchase of books
during last December & January Month.
In Regional Archives, Sambalpur Xeroxed records transferred from State Archives
were stamped, stitched, bound, accessioned & paginated and two scholars were availed all
sorts of research facilities as per their requisitions.

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