Eminent Indian astrologer Mr. K. Gopalakrishnan (Chennai), who is otherwise famous for his correct political predictions, has once again proved to be correct regarding his prediction regarding the Malaysian Airliner. On 15th March I received a phone call from ‘Zee News’ asking if Nostradamus had written something about this plane, because the Malaysian Govt. is consulting various astrologers. As I could not find the answer, I phoned to Mr. Gopalakrishnan (9381011616) for the answer. Next day he replied that the plane has crashed in the sea and it would be confirmed by Tuesday the 18th March. It has actually been confirmed on 19th March that the debris of the plane were first sighted on Monday, the 18th March. This has again proved the usefulness of astrology, a divine science.
Earlier, Mr. Gopalakrishnan had very accurately predicted the outcome of state elections. I asked him the reason of this accuracy because astrology alone cannot give such accurate figures. He told me that he possesses a ‘siddhi’ of Hanuman Ji. Siddhi is a process of use of thought power by which one can contact the Universal Mind for seeking answers. His other predictions are as under
1. BJP will get more than two hundred seats but less than 272. With other parties (mainly led by women) NDA will get 286 seats.
2. Congress will get only 63 seats.
3. Surprisingly two prominent leaders would lose elections.
4. After June 13, share market will zoom and touch 25000 points.
5. Commodity markets would lose heavily
6. No. 7 will play a very important role as it is Ketu Gankaraka; it would give India bright future.
7. Price rise would be checked; prices of agriculture items and real estate would come down making people happy.
8. If Modi Ji takes oath on 25/5/2014 at 11.41 AM or on 27/5/2014 at 10.34 AM, he will rule India for 10 years which is a golden period for India. Metal prices will come down; especially gold, silver and iron. Tax rates in income tax will come down. There would be a big change in education system; interest rates on loans for education will come down and students will be benefited.
9. AAP party my not be much successful in parliament elections; they will get only handful of seats. After December 2014, the party would lose its sheen.
10. After these elections, the divine powers would convey their messages to the mankind through electronic media, television channels and print media. A feature film will be made on the subject of next incarnation of GOD and emergence of golden period in India.
Ashok Ghai

7-A, Prashanthi Apts.
T.M.Maistry St.
Chennai – 600 041
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  1. Astrology is based on the belief that the movement of the stars and other celestial bodies affects our lives here on Earth. Not everyone acknowledges these effects, but those who study astrology have many reasons to believe that all things, both terrestrial and celestial, are strongly connected. In fact, scientists have absolutely determined that the moon has influence over certain phenomena on Earth such as ocean tides.

  2. Astrology is that thing which is used to predict our future by the movements of solar system, sun and many celestial bodies. basically it is predict by astrologer according to our date of birth . In India there are so many astrologer who predicts your future and they will give us many guidelines for our future.

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