Free Quran for the police stations in Karnataka : Hindustan Express March 10, 2014


Phalgun Shuklapaksha 10, Kaliyug Varsha 5115

Mangalore (Karnataka) : In its January 17, 2014 issue, Hindustan Express reported that the Islamic Centre of Karnataka has distributed more than a thousand copies of Quran to police stations in Karnataka. Syed Hamad Mohassan of Islamic Mission met with the Chief of Police and asked for the permission to distribute copies of Kannada translation of Quran to all the police stations. Copies of six other books on Prophet of Islam were also distributed for free. Spokesperson of the Islamic Centre said that this would help in “character building” of the police (Islamization?). The Islamic Centre claimed that this mission has been undertaken to spread the teachings of Quran among non-Muslims and now they will distribute more copies in police stations of neighboring States as well.

Quran Mission has already distributed more than 20 lakhs copies of Quran across the country. Quran is available in 12 regional languages and translation in 50 other languages will be complete soon. It’s not clear that who is behind this Mission and who is bearing all the expenses.

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