Press Conference details by Sarakaryavah Suresh Bhaiyyaji Joshi at RSS ABPS meet-2014

Press Conference of Bhayyaji Joshi 9th March, 2014, Rashtrotthana Vidyakendra, Thanisandra, Bengaluru

Bangalore March 09: Suresh (Bhayyaji) Joshi, Sarakaryavaha (General Secretary) of RSS addressed the media on the 3rd day of the Akhil Bharateeya Pratinidhi Sabha being held at Rashtrotthana Vidyakendra, Thanisandra, Bengaluru.

Following is an extract of his address to the media:

“I would like to thank the media for covering the events at the ABPS during the last 3 days and taking the message to the people. We meet at the ABPS to review and deliberate on Sangh’s activities over the last one year. Many senior functionaries are also at this meet.
One of the major events last year was Swami Vivekananda’s 150th year birth centenary celebrations and it was a huge success. During the SV 150 celebrations we have experienced that the people of the country receive the ideals of Hindutva as propagated by Swami Vivekananda. The guidance of RK Mission has been phenomenal during Swami Vivekananda 150 birth centenary celebrations and Sangh gave them complete co-operation in taking forwards Swami Ji’s message to the world during the last one year.

Go Raksha and Go Seva are two other prominent issues which Sangh feels are a necessity ofr our nation. Sangh would like to take the message of importance of Go Raksha and Go Seva to the people of this country as the economic and cultural ethos of our nation are tightly coupled with it. Many organizations, including Sangh’s sister organizations, are working towards the cause and we hope that we will be successful in our endeavor. They have been successful in establishing more than a 1000 Go Shalas.

Gram Vikas is another sphere were Sangh has been working continuously. Villages are our backbone. But after 1947 people in our Villages have been kept away from basic developments that are most required, if not all which is available for our cities. Though we expect the governments to do more towards our villages, Sangh is also working towards it. Sangh is working in more than 200 villages which are becoming energy centers of our country.

It is true that a family is a basic unit in our society and Sangh also believes in it. But due to several reasons which are economical and cultural, there has been a threat to this structure. To keep the Family system intact, Sangh has taken up several initiatives like ‘Kutumb Prabodhan‘, which aims to re-introduce the values and importance of a Family in our people.

There has been an increase in the number of shakhas in the country. A detailed report regarding this and other Sangh activities has already been provided to you. Sangh shakahas run is about 55,000 villages in the country today. But Sangh’s work, through various other activities including service, has reached more than one lakh villages.

We have been successful in most of our endeavors and we wish to keep going in the right direction. Though it is difficult to achieve all our goals within a time frame, as this needs a change in the psychology of our people and the work involves common people from our society, we will keep striving for success in our work.”


Following is an extract of his Q&A session with the media:

Q: Has there been a discussion on Homosexuality and the laws regarding the same? What is Sangh’s view on this?

A: Though we have not discussed on this topic, we are of the view that anything which is detrimental to the health of the society should be detested.

Q: Will Sangh interfere in BJP’s selection process when they are unable to reach a conclusion?

A: Sangh will not interfere in the internal affairs of the party as we feel that the leaders of that party are capable enough of dealing with such situations.

Q: Dalai Lama has supported live-in relationships. But he has also supported Sangh earlier. Now, how does Sangh view his statement?

A: It is his personal view and he is entitled to it. But we will try to engage him on this convey our viewpoint on it.

Q: Where there any resolutions in this ABKM?

A: No resolutions but have taken in this ABKM but we have released two press releases. One regarding, the sinister ploy to discredit Amma which we feel is a planned effort by several people and organizations and we condemn it. The second is regarding the centenary celebrations of Nagaland Rani Gaidinliu, who fought against the British and was also awarded the Padma Shree. We have invited everyone to involve in these celebrations.

Q: Sangh had earlier called for retirement of old politicians. What is its view on several old politicians who are still active and want to contest elections even now?

A: Sangh does not give directions but is of the view that new generation should get an opportunity. It is also true that we require the guidance and experience of the older generation. Keeping this in mind we need to make the right choices.

Q: What is the view of Sangh on Corruption and Anti-Corruption movements?

A: Sangh has always been against corruption in society and has said earlier too that Swayamsevaks will involve in any anti-corruption movements. Even Sangh organizations like ABVP are also involved in fighting against corruption.

Q: With the emergence of AAP on the political scene, how does Sangh view AAP?

A: We too see AAP as you in the media do. New parties are formed in a democracy and time will decide who is right and who is not. Their performance has been visible. But if they are indeed capable of fighting corruption Sangh will surely support them too.

Q: What is Sangh’s view of Rahul Gandhi call to regard Jains as a minority community? Also how do you view his accusation that RSS members killed Gandhi?

A: Sangh has already said it does not support any move to divide the society as majority and minority. Jains are a part and parcel of the Hindu ethos, history and culture. Few of our traditions and rituals might be different but every culture of this land are Hindu.

Regarding Rahul Gandhi’s statement at a rally, we have complained to the Election commission and hope that they will take appropriate action.

Dr.Manmohan Vaidya, Akhil Bharatiya Prachar Pramukh was also present on the dais. Radhakrishna Holla of Vishwa Samvad Kendra welcomed the delegates from the press and introduced the speakers.

Muzaffarnagar riots: 10 Muslim leaders charged by SIT

They are also BSP & Congress leader who are great advocate of secularism.

PTI | Mar 8, 2014, 12.08 PM IST

Muzaffarnagar riots: 10 Muslim leaders charged by SIT
Thousands of people were displaced in the riots.

MUZAFFARNAGAR: BSP MP Kadir Rana, two party MLAs and former UP minister Saeed-uz-Zama of Congress are among 10 persons charged by the SIT probing the Muzaffarnagar riots for provoking communal tension with inflammatory speeches during a Muslim community panchayat.

The charge sheet was filed in the court of Chief Judicial Magistrate Narender Kumar by the Special Investigation team on Friday in connection with the alleged hate speeches made in Khalapar locality of the city on August 30, 2013 by the accused in defiance of prohibitory orders clamped following tension in Kawal village in the district, sources said.

Apart from Rana, the others chargesheeted are BSP MLA from Charthawal Noor Saleem Rana, party MLA from Miranpur Maulana Jamil, Congress leader Saeed-uz-Zama, his son Salman Saeed, city board member Asad Zama Ansari, ex-member of the city board Naushad Qureshi, trader Ahsan Qureshi, Sultan Mushir and Naushad, they said.

They have been charged with violating prohibitory orders and inciting communal tension by making inflammatory speeches.

The development came even as the UP government had in January moved to withdraw cases related to riots against the Muslim leaders with the law ministry seeking report from district authorities, which were understood to be not in favour of such a step.

Swami Vivekanand Subharti University (SVSU) suspends 67 Kashmiri students for celebrating Pakistan’s victory over India

source Zee News -:
It is a very bad news for all of us.
Meerut : A prominent university in Uttar Pradesh has suspended 67 of its students from Kashmir and sent them back home for celebrating Pakistan`s victory over India in a Asia Cup match on Sunday.

The development was confirmed to the media by Dr Manzoor Ahmad the Vice-chancellor of Swami Vivekanand Subharti University (SVSU) on Wednesday.

Speaking to reporters, Ahmad said, “I was taken aback by such an unacceptable gesture of a few students.”

However, the top officials have now ordered an inquiry into the matter.

The group of Kashmiri students who were suspended had watched the India-Pakistan cricket match in the Madan Dhingra Hall in the University on Sunday. The group cheered every time an Indian wicket fell and later went on to celebrate the victory of Pakistan.

“The students were suspended for creating a ruckus on campus and shouting pro-Pakistan slogans, which caused tension on the campus,” RK Garg, the University Registrar, told a leading Hindi news channel.

The varsity authorities were expecting the students to apologise. But when that did not happen, they took the decision of suspending them.

The authorities had reported the matter to the police after realising that anger was brewing among the local students living in other hostels after the Kashmiri students celebrated Pakistan`s victory and shouted slogans in the campus.

It is learnt that more than 200 girls and boys from different parts of Jammu and Kashmir are pursuing various courses in the university. “The decision to suspend the students was taken by the varsity authorities without consulting the police or the district administration,” the SSP said.

Though few parents are happy with the step taken by the authorities. “There was a heated argument between some students but most students are innocent, so we think college did a good thing by sending them to valley in order to avoid any clashes,” said a parent.

Officials said it was necessary to remove the students “as a precaution” as the situation was volatile. They said they feared the violence would spread to other parts of Meerut town, which is known to be communally sensitive.

Three women Maoists arrested in Gajapati

Bhubaneswar (01.03.14)- Gajapati Police got a big victory on Maoist. Three women Maoists were arrested in Gajapati district, Odisha and a huge arms and ammunition with 10.5 lakh current cash seized from them, said police DIG Amitav Thakur at SP office. The Master mind of Odisha Maoist party Sabyasachi Panda proves his capability to escape from police with leg injury by police bullet.

Based on a tip-off about the Maoists’ presence, police launched an operation at Mukhi forest near Mohana, about 350 km from Bhubaneswar, and able to arrest the three women.

The women were identified by police as Nikita Majhi, D. Anita and Susanti Majhi
Police found a number of arms and huge quantity of ammunition from them, including an AK-47 rifle, four Insas assault rifles, four self-loading rifles, five pistols, a tiffin bomb and 13 magazines, besides Rs.10.5 lakh in cash
three women maoist arrested. 1jpg

three women maoist arrested

three women maoist arrested 2

Government had betrayed hundreds of journalists – Joint coordination Committee of Journalists

Joint coordination Committee of Journalists formed by Utkal Journalists Association & Odisha Union of Journalists holding a press meet in Bhubaneswar condemning the Odisha government’s discriminatory policy in allotment of government quarters to a select group of journalists and ignoring major demands of the scribes. The committee said the government had betrayed hundreds of journalists by trying to pacify only a few scribes.
The committee announced that unless the genuine demands of the journalists were met, scribes across the state would wear black badges in the meetings of chief minister Naveen Pattnaik.Journalists will also have demonstration in district and sub-divisional headquarters.The committee also raised objection in the process being followed to include journalists in the insurance scheme.They termed the entire process as total hoax.
The committee alleged that the high power committee constituted by the government is being ignored and it was an eyewash just to cool-down the journalists for the time being.
The press meet was addressed by Prasanna Mohanty, Secretary General, National union of Journalists,New Delhi, Pratap Mohapatra, President, Utkal Journalists Association, Kailash Nayak, General Secretary, Odisha Union of Journalists and other senior members of both the unions.Odisha Journalist association

Function of State Archives

Bhubaneswar, 28th February, 2014
The regular function of Odisha State Archives such as survey & acquisition of public
& private records, its management, repair & rehabilitation of old & frail records, Xeroxing
facilities to the scholars and development of Research T Reference Library were carried on as
per the scheduled programme during the month of Last December and January.
In the record rooms of State Archives, 10 Volume records & 35 Loose records were
accessioned, 160 Volumes records, 68 files, 20 racks & 52 loose records were cleaned and
arranged properly; Xeroxing of 27 volumes & 7 files, 13 Vols. & 20 files were stitched and
Diary of 660 nos of newspaper were done during the period. Besides this 175 volumes & 18
files were supplied to the Research scholars.
In the Research & Reference Library, 14 books/Journals were accessioned, 12 books
were catalogued, 370 books were issued to the scholars & were reshelved. Along with this,
122 research scholars were availed all sorts of research facilities.
Revenus Collection:- A sum of Rs. 15,876/- (Rupees fifteen thousand wight hundred
seventy six) only have been collected towards supply of Xerox copies and purchase of books
during last December & January Month.
In Regional Archives, Sambalpur Xeroxed records transferred from State Archives
were stamped, stitched, bound, accessioned & paginated and two scholars were availed all
sorts of research facilities as per their requisitions.