Bhiwandi case- Hon. court orders Summons against Rahul Gandhi


Sub :Proceedings of Case against Rahul Gandhi
> >
> > Today the Hon. Magistrate of the Bhiwandi Court has given orders to issue summons addressing Shri.Rahul Gandhi (the Vice President,Indian National Congress) in the second hearing of the case filed by Shri.Rajesh M. Kunte,resident of Bhiwandi. The case was filed in respect the electoral campaign speech delivered by Shri. Rahul Gandhi on 6 th March at Bhiwandi in which he has made allegations against RSS and RSS men as “they are killers of Gandhiji”. Referring this deliberate and motivated attempt of defaming the most nationalist,disciplined organization RSS and it’s followers. This case was filed under no. “Other Miscellaneous Application No.353 of 2014”. In the preious hearing the court had asked for the Police verification report under section 202 of criminal procedure code to check the facts in this matter and the police report has confirmed the contents put forward by the complainant. Today, on the pleading by the Adv.Dhargalkar refering the Police verification report the Hon. Magistrate has issued the above orders. Subsequently, Adv.Dhargalkar has applied for the copy of the summons to be issued against Shri.Gandhi. Now it interesting to see the further reaction of Shri.Rahul Gandhi and his party men in this regard.
> > The next proceeding is set on 7th Oct.14.


One response to “Bhiwandi case- Hon. court orders Summons against Rahul Gandhi

  1. Electorate has given a lesson to Gandhi and congress .Let Mr. Kunte pursue the case but their slogan is ‘Hum nahi sudheringe’.

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