Monday, 15 September 2014 | PNS | New Delhi

That’s the way to counter China, says ex-Indian envoy G Parthasarthy

India needs to develop indigenous industries especially in Defence sector to counter growing Chinese challenges, feels former Indian ambassador G Parthasarthy.

Speaking at a debate organised by the India Policy Foundation on the issue of `Indo-China border Dispute and Way Forward’, the former diplomat said India needs to be ramp up its spending on defence and should be self-reliant by producing defence equipments domestically than depending on imports.

According to him defence expenditure of India has gone down to all-time low while the Chinese defence expenditure, in comparison, is continuously increasing. Parthasarthy added that power and infrastructure needs to be within the control of the country.

He outlined the policy paralysis and leadership’s inability to understand the real threat and even mentioned some historical blunders committed by the leadership of the country.

Parthasarthy said that the most of the policy makers in India are suffering from inferiority complex vis-a-vis China.

“If the country has to deal with China it must shun this inferiority complex, not only by the Indian Government, but also by Indian people. China is trying to prove its civilisational superiority over India and successive governments after 2005 have been psychologically under pressure accepting them inferior to China,” he said.


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