Information on Depression over North Andaman Sea and Neighbourhood:



Date and Time of Issue: 07.10.2014 AT 1230EF

Information on Depression over North Andaman Sea and Neighbourhood:

Yesterday’s low pressure area over Tenasserim Coast and adjoining Andaman Sea has concentrated into a Depression and lay centred at 0830 hours IST today, the 7th October,2014 over North Andaman Sea and Neighbourhood near Lat. 11.50N and Long. 95.00E about 1380 Km Southeast of Gopalpur. It would move in a West-Northwesterly direction and intensify into a Deep Depression within 24 hours and further intensify into a Cyclonic Storm thereafter.

Forecast : Rain/Thundershower would occur at one or two places over Odisha during next 24 hours.

Heavy R/F Warning: NIL

Advice for hoisting Storm Warning Signals: Distant Cautionary signal Number One (DC-I) hoisted at Paradip and Gopalpur Ports in Odisha.

Likely impacts and actions: NIL

Fishermen Warning :- NIL

Too: 07/1230 EF


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